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Regarding that time I went to Lego Land in Tahoe May 6, 2014

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And hung out with Jim Thornburg….




I’m in a thing! October 24, 2012

One reason that I suspect bouldering is super popular is that it’s sooooo much easier to get awesome bouldering pictures than it is other kinds of climbing pictures. And awesome pictures inspire people to do whatever is in the picture, so we’re all bouldering.

see? easy as crack

I was kind of whining to Vinny a few months ago that it was awkward and hard to get good sport climbing pictures, and that was my excuse for not sending him and ClimbTech more stuff faster. He was like, Ann, just tell a photographer that you work with a company called ClimbTech and they’ll be psyched to take pictures of you. But I was too insecure. What if they turned out to be a shitty photographer or it just didn’t work out and CT hated the shots and it came to nothing? And the person didn’t want to be friends with me anymore because they jugged up and sat in a harness for hours while I flailed away in a tank top for nothing? How…totally awful, to lose a friend that way. So I haven’t done it.

Anyway, I’ve been intimidated to ask anyone to do sport climbing pics, until I got to Tahoe and asked Lauren Lindley to do it. Cause she’s an Austin person and I felt like I could totally ask Erik or Merrick to do it, and she’s in that club. And of course she was like, YES, before I was even done asking! Lauren is pretty much ready to throw all her enthusiasm behind whatever adventure or task catches her interest. She’s like the productive/creative version of one of those guys who are super intense about whatever they’re into, and if you get even five minutes of their glorious attention and focus on YOU you’re like, in love with them for a year and a half even though it’s never gonna happen because, please, that guy is in love with himself and his bullshit freedom, and eventually a chunky blonde. Like that, but Lauren’s attention is useful and genuine. Man, that brought up a very annoying memory from like ’02. Ew!!

So Lauren and her amazing friend Damion and I went out to tackle some powerful, tricky granite sport lines over Emerald Bay. So wow. I even tried something super hard for me! Finally! And ya know what, it felt totally possible! Her shots have been amazing so far, and I’m psyched to share them with you as they come out! A few were featured TODAY on the Tahoe South website, along with a very cool article Lauren wrote about our days up at Mayhem.

Click through for the article. Thanks so much Lauren!! Ps my dad wants to see more soon! :-)




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hobo stuff

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Hey! It’s been an incredible and educational month in California, and Truckee/North Lake Tahoe is being added to my list of potential happy places to post longer term (others so far are Ashville, St George, and Vermont). I feel stoked on boulders, obsessed with sport lines I probably won’t get to try again this year, and ready to fleeĀ  south as the snow is setting in now. I’ve been going kind of insane on the facebooks lately, so sorry if you’re my friend and felt pummeled by a barrage of ANN RABER STUFF the last couple weeks. I got really bored one day in Houston and decided to just go balls to the walls with the whole ‘putting myself out there’ thing, and now I’m sharing the results.

Here’s a video from a quick session at a boulder near our campsite in Truckee. I got shut down trying to go to other areas of more renown, and anyway, here’s the hobo boulder….


click for the vimeos!