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it means non-violence ps i wanna be the swan next time October 8, 2012

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OOOOO I forgot to tell you! I’m working with the young, lovely company Yama Climbing as a member of their athlete ambassador posse. I did an interview and a blog post about my long, boulderful drive from Houston to Tahoe for them, and will be regularly reporting and musing on their site and facebook page. Yama specializes in colorful soft goods and bouldering accoutrements – sports bags, hats, chalk buckets, and so on. They do some custom work and offer free shipping in the US. I’m really stoked to be a part of the company. I’m hoping that one tangible contribution I make this season will be inspiring a line of leg warmers.


vanessa and I decided that all female climbers secretly (or openly) long to be ballerinas. And all guys, pro skaters.

I was in a yoga class recently, and they said that the word “Yama” means self-control, discipline, and non-violence. I’m not sure if that’s what Jezryl and her team had in mind when they named their company, but I think the concept really speaks to what I’ve been working on in my climbing (and non-climbing) life. I feel like there must be a way to be dedicated to climbing and continuously pushing my limits without throwing tantrums, snapping at my companions, complaining, going on psychotic training tangents, or otherwise flailing from within. I’m searching for it now, and keeping the concept of Yama, and Yama Climbings beautiful things close to me as a reminder, is part of the mission.


So next time you’re shopping for things, consider clicking some Yama.




ethan allen boulders June 7, 2012

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I saw this tiny bit of info on mountainproject about some boulders in Ethan Allen Park, in north Burlington. I’m staying in Shelburne, just south of Burlington, working on farms and gardens until my flight to South Africa leaves, and since my weeding gig was postponed today, I decided to check ’em out.

Following the mproj directions, I found the boulders easily. There’s lots of HUGE scary tall crumbling stuff I stayed away from, and a few fun lines on the lower side of the trail. I brushed off a couple of obvious aretes and managed to get a good afternoon pump.

I’ve been playing with my new video camera, watching myself and trying to develop a more technical, graceful climbing style while documenting this strange little trip to New England. My camera (kodak playsport xiz3 or something, it’s white and waterproof) seems to make pretty low quality reels, but it’s neat to learn to work with clips. Hopefully I’ll get a handle on FCP basics soon and show you something that MOVES! For now, here are some stills from my Ethan Allen exploration.

made up some powerful eliminate variations on this teardrop-shaped arete. The rock is slick, shiny schist with angular, blocky crimps and slots.

taking the hand broom to the face of this lovely candy ball boulder.

and i think that is the most important quality for any woman. grace? yes, grace.

Real quick, since I know we haven’t talked in forever, I wanted to point out that I have a couple of affiliate ads up around here. This is how that works: If you click on something on sendann, for example this little rei thing:



Or that ad over there with the crashpadgirl, then they’ll know that you came from here, and if you buy anything that time (or anytime in the next few days I think) it gives me a few percent off the top, which I will funnel directly back into this blog in the way of candy, mastodon rent, and thrift store patagonia. Same thing for Aubrey Organics (the only things that touch my freaking hair), and ShindaggerGear, although actually not really in that particular instance.


fairness May 27, 2011

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After a super relaxed and soothing lake day with Louis on Sunday, I caught the last few hours of the Renegade Craft Fair, which DeeDee had alerted me to woo hoo! Knew that girl was a find. I had a blast wandering around racks of perfect, soft t-shirts and dresses with cute things on them, and teacups I had to restrain myself from. Because I am not in the market for more breakable tea cups a week out from a possibly endless trip. I’m not. But I bought possibly the most perfect pair of earrings I’ve ever seen, and I practically haven’t taken them off since. My face is annoying me right now, but here they are:

like a dream of earrings come true. Also, note the evidence of packing! allllllmmmoooooost done!

They’re from Early Jewelry. I love some of her other stuff, especially this Rrring.

and speaking of Rabers, my brother is having a baby within the next week! First of our family. I have never actually wanted to be in England before now.

I also got a really funny sock monkey from Tara George.

It's like this but with funnier eyes and brown. Technically it's a gift for a young friend, but I'm gonna go ahead and infuse it with love for a while first. It's only right, right?

There was this one booth at the fair I was in love with, but it was out of my price range for the day. It’s called Fernworks and it’s my Gawd. Look at these…

click on any of these to see the shop page

Like so many things at the Renegade Craft Fair, they have a touch of ‘put a bird on it’ going on, but in this case I was charmed — so to speak.

There was also this painting, which I saw at La Patisserie a few weeks ago while scarfing macaroons and tea. It reminds me of the Alot from Hyperbole and a half, and half because of that and half just because, I like it a lot.

click to see the artist's page. and oh mai goodness it sold! Yay!


Ceuxausted September 13, 2010

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God help me if I ever get out of a foreign country without buying a new pair of comfortable and slightly oversized orange Anasazi velcos. I always leave mine behind thinking NO, I am only travelling to perform, so I will only bring performance shoes. Then I over do it, my toes start to cry, and yeah. Ninety Euros from the French version of Academy, which of course stocks Anasazis in every size.

After 9 days in France and only 1 full day of rest, I couldn’t even do a warm up. My British friend Maddy keeps saying things like, “you look positively knackered” or “you seem simply exhausted” and  “wow! you look famished!” I took the hint, finally, and took two full days and three nights off. I shopped, ate, stretched and read Stieg Larsson.

The reason I’m so unrested is that I’m not tweaking at all. Three days on anywhere else and my elbows are on fire and my fingers are barely bending, so I have to stop. But here I don’t get any of those tell-tail signs. I just suddenly can’t climb very well. My skin even feels ok, just a bit thin and one pesky hole that keeps bleeding all over the holds.

I have decided to devote the next 2 to yoga, food, laundry, sleep, and reading Carlos Casteneda on my Kindle. I shopped today in Gap, got a nice cushy yoga/sleeping mat, those Anasazis, and an amazing bouldering skort that I will photograph and post shortly.