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lambertsbaii restdaii July 12, 2012

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Three weeks in South Africa without 2 consecutive rest days has made me insane. It was great the first two weeks when I was sending, had a ton of projects all over the place, the world a pile of possibilities. But a week without an inspiring new project, an influx of the worldwide federation of broin’out, added up to a meltdown day at the pass. Just so SO not psyched.

After a few hours of crying and listening to Beyonce in the car, Moses decided I needed a beach day. Yesterday we slept in, drank coffee for an hour and headed to Lamberts Bay, about 45 minutes and a universe away from the Rocklands. It was the perfect change of landscape for me, and I’m hoping after a another long rest day here at the Hen House, and maybe a slow morning, I’ll be excited to go try this line that I did the famous “all but one move” of last week.

It’s so hard to leave a climbing area, even if you know you have plenty of time and aren’t having any fun. What’s with that? Have you ever tried to leave Hueco during a 3 days snowstorm? Just to go to Marfa or T0C or something? Never happens. I’m trying to break that mental barrier, because it’s so good once I do it.

Here’s some pics from “Lambertsbaii”

this is him :)

this whole trip is about my amazing pink hoodie (goodwill via old navy, who knew?)

hoodie love


so fine December 22, 2011

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First the Good: Climbing is going awesome! My day on day off Hueco thing has continued to produce pain-free, misery-free, minimal-complainy Hueco days. And Hannukah has begun! Which is a very special bouldering time when I stop trying to send anything and just figure I’ve worked as hard as possible and some higher force of love and crimping is gonna have to come through for me. And it usually works, so let the miracle sending begin! But for real, I’m very happy with my time here so far. Best season yet, health and happiness and climbing wise, so/by far. And I finally did shroom, after not feeling even a little bit close on the hard move last year. Yay!



Then the Medium: I got kind of stoked on this cowboy themed trailer box in Truth or Consequences, and it took a while but I gathered the funds, locked in a place to put ‘er, and I’ve been super excited, but I think it’s not going to pan out after all. Renting a proper truck to haul it down here from there will cost like 300 dollars, and that was enough to send the project over my financial comfort level. Weird, where that line ends up being.  I’ll plant the cash in the sand, keep an eye out for a closer/cheaper option, and/or wait til i can put away a little more towards it. I’m also a little afraid of becoming a crazy hobo trailer person. Please let me know if that seems like it’s happening.



The Horrible: That whole, ‘toss caution to the breeze and step boldly into the opportunity for summer romance part 2, fall edition’ thing fell apart. I’m very very upset. One could truly hurt themselves doing this crap. Trying not to let it cast a shadow over my hope for a long and happy life, but ya know, it’s a crux and I feel like a total idiot.  All things Canadian, musical, and francophone now sting. I’ll be watching hugh grant movies in the rav if you need anything.




The Better: Nine more days in Hueco with a gorgeous forecast, a visiting ARG team, Molly, Emilia and lots of other fun friends are out, and I’m going to see the Nutcracker on Friday.


The even Better: Hawaii = sooner every day.


Dresses May 3, 2011

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I’ve been going to weddings all season, and more to come yay! I am surrounded, on all sides, by people who are in love and growing their families. It’s great. Here is what I’ve been wearing and doing with my hair. I know, you’ve been waiting for me to get to this.

Katie and Ian

My sister Katie picked out these silk red dresses for her bridesmaids. Mine was a low halter and full skirt, and I loved it! That’s Maggie behind me in her pink Maid-o-Honor dress, and Charlie the flower girl at the end.

It has pockets!

For my hair, I showed the hairdresser this picture of Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line.

she nailed it, I think

For Katie’s rehersal dinner, I wore this black and white bias-cut number with a sort of abstract lizard pattern. I got it in Cape Cod with Lily in probably 2006.

I think my stance is kind of odd here, and I'm not loving how the dress hangs. But it feels good. The bias-cut fabric hugs me, and I feel more curvacious than usual in it.

Here’s my hair knot from the rehearsal dinner, and these little blue earings.

And here’s the black dress and boots combo I wore for the pre-wedding barn party.

Maggie and I sang "Goin to the Chapel"

So that’s the royal Raber wedding.

Rachel and Phil

Rachel and Phil’s wedding was a social climbers event, and full of fun people and memories. I’ve known Rachel a long time and seeing she and Phil meet and fall into each other has been glorious. I wore this cotton, also halter, puff dress from Anthropologie circa 2008.  The same week I bought it I saw an unattractive blond walking down the drag in it with a backpack and sneakers. I cringed to look at it in my closet after that, but I guess enough time has passed by now, because it FINALLY felt right.

Stripes collide! I love my loooong ponytail and big hoop earrings, but this image makes me wish I'd worn heels. by BevDemShu

Here's the color scheme, with my dance partner Liam Oliver, hanging on for his life.

This was an adorable event full of people I’ve known since I first started climbing in 2006. We’ve grown up so much since we were 25-ish, and there were SO many babies.

There have been a few more events, but I don’t have pics yet, and this post has been too long already. Yay, dresses! Ya know, I wish it was socially acceptable to have a dress library, where you could go get a dress, wear it, maybe buy it if you were obsessed or just bring it back after your event. Because I can’t wear any of these dresses to events with the same people again. But I bought them all pretty pricily, and would be hesitant to just get rid of them for good. I want, omg, I GOT it. I want a friend-dress library, among a small, controlled group. A dress co-op. You own all the dresses, WE own all the dresses. Gonna work on this….