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measured caloric intake, if that’s even a thing, is blowing my mind and changing my life right now July 3, 2012

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I completely dorked out a few months ago and googled every variation of “Athlete Nutrition Climbing” I could think of, read tons of really bad articles slapped together by supplement companies, and got deep into the search results, like page 7.

There was not a ton of info that was as specific and instructive as I wanted, but there was enough for me to only absorb a few of the lessons. Since then, I’ve had a dramatic improvement in the length of time I can perform at my maximum effort when I’m out bouldering/in the gym. Especially since coming to the Rocklands!

rocklands sunset by Jeremy Thomley

I’ve been here just over a week now, and climbed about 6 full days and 2 halfies. My skin and the dark of night have been the primary factors that end my day. If you’ve climbed with me ever in life, this would seem kind of suprising. I usually crash within a few hours outside, an our indoors, and am asleep in the shade with a doughnut while everyone else flogs projects. This new system has turned it around, and I’ve pulled off long days and multiple sends like whoa. Anyway, here’s what I’m doing, it’s as much as I could hold in my brain and life:


3-4 hours before climbing, big meal of whatever I want, with an eye to carbs. I usually have an egg sandwich, a huge bowl of muselix with fruit and yogurt, both, a bagel with lox, pretty much as much delicious food as I can handle, with an emphasis on the grains/rice/produce side.


I pack for climbing like a schoolkid on an anti-obsesity program. 100 calorie baggies with a 4 to 1 carb/protein balance, if I can figure that out. Otherwise just carbs. 2 bananas, half a LaraBar, 10 pretzle chips, or – and this is the BEST – 1/4 of a PB&J.


I do a 45 minute warm up of hiking/jogging/jumping jacking whatever, large muscle group range of motion-making, then easy climbing (15 minutes each). After that I note the time and eat 1 baggie.


Every 45-55 minutes thereafter, I eat a 100 calorie baggie, even if I don’t feel like it.


That’s it. And water, but not any more than my usual. I bring out 1.5 liters and usually have about 1/5 of it left at the end. I might chug some gatorate beforehand, and sometimes some supplemental energy something, but honestly I don’t have any of that stuff out here and it hasn’t seemed to make a difference.


Also, if sending happens or doesn’t happen and I feel emotional about it, I might gorge on all the baggies at once in an effort to devour the feelings. This usually ends the day right there.



pamplemousse! September 21, 2011

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san diego tallboy


sweetness mission in wowtown September 1, 2011

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As a blogger, it is my responsibility to post annually about the picking of berries and the subsequent making of jam. Lovely photographs should be included, but they will never be as pretty as whatever designsponge has going on on this issue (good sweet corn god).

SO off we went, wearing rain boots for better thorn-stomping, to pick blackberries at this suh-weet spot along the train tracks behind a closed down fast food place and a dump full of stolen purses and blackened spoons. Squamish is so epically ghetto at certain intersections.

But once you're in the grove it's very pretty

Blackberry bushes are like huge thorned attackers, groping at you from every side, pulling your hair, tearing at your clothes. It’s like attempted gang rape, blackberry picking is. But with my rainboots I got through it.

jcrew via airport blvd goodwill $2!!

Several betas I learned for blackberry picking:

It’s only sweet if it falls off with a gentle pinch. Any picking force means bitter blackberries.

The best best best blackberries are the ones that are the only fat black berry in a cluster of green or barely red ones. They’ve been hogging the resources.

It’s super sad when you go to pinch one and the rustling causes an obviously more ripe one to fall into thorny oblivion.

Also, the great blackberry trail may cross private property. But since we’re not in Texas….

oh (come on) canada

Here’s the haul:


Does that look like a lot? Here’s another one with some relative-size comparisonication:

it was this big

We ate a bunch, froze a bunch more, kept some to eat tomorrow, then there was the jammin.

sweet bubbly

with ice cream wowtown