All paths lead nowhere, choose with heart

step 1, step 2 by erik May 4, 2011

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Moore Lake Pics October 21, 2010

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Erik took some awesome shots at the lake the other day, and I had on my photographer’s choice pink top.


Mas Lake Para Mi August 8, 2010

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Erik and Merrick and Capt. Bastard and pretty much all dudes don’t like this bathing suit. But most women, including myself, love it. It’s black, it’s modest, it makes me look curvy, and it doesn’t move weirdly while I’m climbing. Granted, it’s a bit conservative, and the black doesn’t make for those easy-to-compose “red shirt”photos, but oh well. Here’s more shots of me on Chuy, which I have now fallen off the top out of twice. Pretty lame, but it was a beautiful day/night out there anyway.


All these pictures are by Erik Moore. Thanks for making me look so pretty and strong, even in my downright Victorian-era one-piece, Erik!


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Merrick got some pictures of he and Vinny a couple weeks ago out there, working on a different problem.

So that’s the boys.


I worked on another line out there yesterday – the new, lower-water start to a warm up that I’ve finished a few times before. The new opening moves are sooooo much fun, big hard long stuff on jugs, but I kept falling at the link-point. I ignored Chuy all day and just took one run at the end, and fell in the middle. It’s cool. Capt. says I’ll send both of them after two days of rest. I think he was just trying out a whole “being sweet” thing, though. But I’m gonna try the rest and go thing anyway and focus on working, thrift shopping, Pilates, and rebuilding my itunes library after a dramatic hard drive meltdown (No thanks to HITACHI) until at least Monday.


Which reminds me, I’m finishing up my teacher training apprenticeship now, teaching my friends at the Joy Moves studio. It’s scary and exciting. I hope they like it!


4th of jew lie July 9, 2010

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I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure I snapped this photo with my friend Erik’s camera while he was helping his daughter change (left). We were at the Elk’s Lodge in Austin. I was in a pretty dark mood that day, but trying to hang in there.