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no i won’t go to squamish any more more more there’s a big fat police man at the door door door July 17, 2011

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There really is! He tried to not let me in because I didn’t have enough compelling reasons to go back to the states in 5 weeks. I wound up having to drop my dually citizenship on him. Bam. Actually, I can stay in MY stupid rainy, far from everything country as long as I feel like it. I got rights. And possibly some very affordable dental care.


The first time I came to Squamish was in 2007, and I had a horrible finger injury. I had paid in advance for a share of a van rental and my plane ticket, and I decided to just take the vacation. It sucked. This second time I’ve paid in advance for a rented room, and it’s raining every day of every forecast and every moment of forever and ever. This will be my last trip to Squamish, even if the sun comes out in two weeks and I have the best rock climbing month of my life.

But my place is nice, and I have ample internet for working, and it’s fun to be getting some mileage out of my recent crochet projects.

SPEAKING of which! I designed – my first ever design in yarn –  this hat called a ‘mullet hat’, and it’s perfect for climbing in cold weather. It doesn’t come down too low on my forehead like most beanies I’ve worn, but it comes down snug around my ears the back of my neck. It’s perfect for keeping the ears and noggin warm without limiting my peripheral vision. Stoked. I made one for Andy, too. He wanted racing stripes, but I am just learning embroidery so they came out as these wavy, askew, skunk-looking stripes. Here he is wearing it on a warm up in Gold Bar. This was the last dry rock I saw all summer. This was yesterday. I’m being kind of fatalistic right now.

the orange makes for easy location of mullet hat by andy, and of andy by the rest of us

This is my mullet hat, ear flaps come standard

Are we gonna see each other in the next couple months? Want a mullet hat? It would bring me a lot of joy to make you one, just tell me what colors you like and if your head is really big or small. Emilia, you’re getting one anyway and you have to wear it every day of your life that is cold for a year.

I’m also about to get psyched on making these suhweet leg warmers for the Hueco season.

Squamish 2011, Summer of Crochet and Pilates. OH! But I’m competing in the Dyno Contest at the Squamish Mountain Festival tomorrow morning! I’ve been training in the gym for like 30 minutes for this, so come cheer for me! It’s a longshot, but I am hoping to beat Bigna’s record, because she’s not here to defend it.


summer wrapper May 1, 2011

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I started a new yarn proj this week, since I haven’t replaced my stolen sewing machine yet and I’m craftless going stir crazy. Also, I want some kind of accessory for the warmer temps, other than purses and jewelry, which is all fun but a bit more of an effort for me. I had to do something! I have a scarf for warm days that I got in Sri Lanka, the kind made to go with a salwar.

I plan to wear nothing but the salwar kameez starting at age 54

but mine is very wide, and a rather restrictive pale blue color. I want something similar, with a little glitter, in a versatile color for my wardrobe.  I found some white, cotton yarn with red, pink, purple and blue paint specs in it, and some similarly-toned sparkle beads.

I’m making a long, narrow, loose-stitched scarfy thing with the beads woven in. It’s 25 stitches across, with this double-chain-then-single-crochet pattern I made up. I’m hoping it will fold once vertically and be long enough to wrap loose around my neck once with tails that stay in place, or hang open and not be ridiculously long. The beads are pretty subtle among the weave, kind of a secret sparkle thing. It’s very soft and hopefully will be perfect for cool summer mornings in Squamish. I’ll post up when I debut the results! Here it is after I figured out the pattern and got going…

see the one pink bead in the center? They are repeated at about that interval.


crochety December 17, 2010

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During my long rest I got stupid productive with my outlying passions, including my new/childhood hobby, crochet. Remember how I tried to make that hat and it turned out barely big enough for a large potato? Here’s my latest attempt:

This one came out a little big, but I think I'm really starting to get the hang of it! Behind me you see the curtains I made for the "kitchen" side of the Trooper. Man, it has been a long week.

Now I must go eat pizza and begin packing for my trip to Box Canyon and Red Rawks!