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the thing about stuff September 20, 2011

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I’ve done semi-annual “get rid of everything” things all my life. Mom called it “the great dump” and we did it twice a year when I was a kid, to par down the toys collection. But it’s always been about, ya know, removing the excess, giving away the pilled out sweaters and annoying shorts that never quite made it into rotation, and the last of the awesome set of pint glasses that you will never ever find again since bodum doesn’t make them anymore at least not in their bodum for Target line. But when I got to Austin on Thursday night I started the biggest, maybe second biggest, purging of belongings ever.

The biggest one was when my parents moved from where I grew up – an enormous 6 bedroom house – to a small condo. They took what they wanted and left me in charge of having an estate/garage sale of the rest. That was an emotionally charged experience of course. This one was probably smaller in volume, but harder. Because starting on Thursday I had to unload stuff that I love, currently love and would be in heavy rotation if I were in the proper climate, or would be decorating and functioning in my kitchen if I had one. This is the stuff that I adore and consider the material representation of my tastes and values.

It was kind of awesome. I’d pack a bag for BuffEx, get there, take three things out that I couldn’t part with yet, only to sell them to PlatoClo the next day. I’ve gotten a handful of cash for some things, goodwilled some, and made these packages for anyone I could think of who might enjoy some stuff. That’s been the funnest part, going through my favorite things and deciding who’s taste they may suit. I realized that yoga Matt might rock a vintage Southwestern Bell Telephone vest, and Sara Saylorking and Heather got some of my very coolest dresses and bathing suits. So I’m vagabond santa this week, and it’s been the proverbial spoonful/sugar. Of course the sweetest thing is that I’m heading to the Southeast on Saturday for 2 months, with the TripleCrown Bouldering Series, November in the Red, and lots of people to visit and play with!

In the meantime, I’m on a strict acquisitions diet. But I have seen some very cool things that I would have totally bought, were I not going ultralight in life…

Marimekko for anthropologie cotton tank at BuffEx. Amazing, and with that scooped, narrow bustline that I've only ever seen before on the Verve sports bras.

Ann Taylor Loft color block cotton tank. Holy moly I have been dreaming of this color combination and proportion for many years. Not right now though, my darling. It's just...I can't. Go! Leave my sight! Your beauty is like stabbing! Also at BuffEx.

The Gospel Soul of Aretha Franklin on vinyl at Half Price in Rice Village (H-town). Even though I sold most of my records and my turntable in a previous purging session, this might be a reaosn to dive in again. Maybe it's on iTunes? Ugh, I know. No, I know I know.

Novelty book about dealing with boyfriends/overgrown hysterical whining toddlers. I didn't actually want to get this, as I cannot relate to this problem


actual vision June 8, 2011

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I mistreat lenses and go through them like tissues. This one is a 35mm –  kinda tighter than I prefer, and I can’t get those super wide angle fancy pictures that are so all the rage nowsadaze. But Andy pointed out that this frame is a decent reflection of actual vision, and I suppose he has a point. It only lets in about as much information as I can process at a time anyway. Not sure I’m using it to full advantage, and my pictures look desperate or like puzzle pieces.

my room in atx, devoid of all my stuff!!

el rav all packed up. later i pulled out the bed roll and fit two crash pads in there. Thing is cavernossss

that sticker says, "If you don't talk to your kids about John Aielli, who will?". A perfect note to flee the atx on, I think.

So then I left. More pics of that in a minute. Man, if I had to decide right now, I would say I’m happy to absolutely not return to Austin for any longer than it takes to pick up the rest of my stuff. I moved there in 2006 because my ex hubs loves it, and now I can’t think of any reasons to hang around. I’ll change my mind fifty times in the next 4 months, but my usual homesickness upon leaving is nill. I keep having this conversation: “Oh Austin, that’s suppose to be a great town, eh?” “It’s alright.” I’m gonna start saying I’m from Houston, and I love it. That usually shuts strangers up.


fairness May 27, 2011

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After a super relaxed and soothing lake day with Louis on Sunday, I caught the last few hours of the Renegade Craft Fair, which DeeDee had alerted me to woo hoo! Knew that girl was a find. I had a blast wandering around racks of perfect, soft t-shirts and dresses with cute things on them, and teacups I had to restrain myself from. Because I am not in the market for more breakable tea cups a week out from a possibly endless trip. I’m not. But I bought possibly the most perfect pair of earrings I’ve ever seen, and I practically haven’t taken them off since. My face is annoying me right now, but here they are:

like a dream of earrings come true. Also, note the evidence of packing! allllllmmmoooooost done!

They’re from Early Jewelry. I love some of her other stuff, especially this Rrring.

and speaking of Rabers, my brother is having a baby within the next week! First of our family. I have never actually wanted to be in England before now.

I also got a really funny sock monkey from Tara George.

It's like this but with funnier eyes and brown. Technically it's a gift for a young friend, but I'm gonna go ahead and infuse it with love for a while first. It's only right, right?

There was this one booth at the fair I was in love with, but it was out of my price range for the day. It’s called Fernworks and it’s my Gawd. Look at these…

click on any of these to see the shop page

Like so many things at the Renegade Craft Fair, they have a touch of ‘put a bird on it’ going on, but in this case I was charmed — so to speak.

There was also this painting, which I saw at La Patisserie a few weeks ago while scarfing macaroons and tea. It reminds me of the Alot from Hyperbole and a half, and half because of that and half just because, I like it a lot.

click to see the artist's page. and oh mai goodness it sold! Yay!


there’s a will May 26, 2011

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Will Rosshirt is my super dependable rides to-and-from the airport friend. He’s also always good for tools and random garagy materials. I don’t remember what he did to deserve this toil, but everytime I need to go to or from the airport, I can ask my closest friends, fake boyfriends, family, but it almost always comes down to Will Rosshirt. It’s a nice chance to peek into his life, and he’s always got something going on. Will is also a pretty amazing painter. Look at this shot Erik took of him recently with one of his pieces — he has a whole series of these large scale, weird curtain looking canvases with…is that like, plants?

by erik

Here’s one he did based on a photo Merrickales took. I LOVE this.

Seriously, right? You can peep his work and browse prints here.


Confession time: I regularly hallucinate large, morose, cartoonish penguins on the side of the freeway while driving and it turns out to be a pile of carpet lining. May 25, 2011

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not climbing makes the atx so boring, even with socializing and the internet and air conditioning. that stuff isn't that fun if I don't have climbing to come home to. i wish i had some garbage so i could get garbage drunk. OMG is that some over there? Is it? Nope, just a fat person. Sigh.

some lady took this picture click it for her flickr or don’t who cares good lord why did the rapture not come and make things interesting WHYYYYY?


time’s the tell May 3, 2011

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By the end of the Brooks’s crawfish boil, everyone was bundled up in blankets and borrowed jackets. Temps dropped 30 degrees in 30 minutes! Today I went bouldering on land. In jeans and a beanie. It is May.

Going out with ao today was like a flashback timewarp to February. The weather felt the same, same place, same clothes, same cohort, wow. It was surreal. I feel like Felicity in those episodes where she travels back in time and snuggles up with different dudes than she did the first time.

Anyway, bouldering.

And I fell off the tippy top of what would have been my 4th route in the sharpy cave! I missed the pads and fell onto a tree branch and now my heel hurtz. Then it rained.

Hopefully it will dry out tomorrow and I’ll get another Reimer’s session in before the spell is lifted and we are returned to early summer, 2011.


But wait a second, wait! When Felicity went back in time, she cheated on her boyfriend with her friend, because in the future her boyfriend cheats on her and is kind of a useless druggie anyway, and she realizes she wants to be with the friend. Her friend is way way into her, wanted her all along kinda thing, but he thinks she’s insane for dumping her druggie bf so fast and being so into him out of nowhere. They go back and forth for a while and it just gets awkward. He hooks up with Jennifer Garner. Still in the past, Felicity tries to get her druggie bf back. I can’t remember how it ends-ends. This is gonna sound weird, but I’m from the future, and I can tell you with total confidence that I am going to buy 4 seasons of Felicity and watch it this summer.

Anyway, if this is a timewarp, is there anything from the winter I should do differently? Nah.


party time April 29, 2011

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Might have spoken too soon about climbing = over. We got a very quick low-80s snap, and Merrick and I grabbed one, maybe 2, last moments on our late-spring project at Reimers, Bloc Party. Today I felt amazing on it. it’s a weird, chossy at the bottom, glorious traverse of jugs, tweaker headwall situation. But the last 3 days we got out to it, Merrick and I have both been pumping out at a low crux, not making it to the end of the traverse. The classic screw up is to get to the headwall and fall a move or two into it for the pump.

Today, I finally got to there! Twice! It was so simple! Whorray for traditional flailure!

Here’s Zoolander John Garcia doing Bloc Party years ago, falling just about where I did. He rests and is precise and blah blah blah. I don’t look like this on it, but whatever. I FELL AT THE REAL CRUX!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We’re going back tomorrow morning to catch the end of this bliss, and THEN climbing in Austin in pretty much done for me I promise.