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brusha brusha brusha, my Climbtech Boars Hair Brush review August 6, 2012

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Before I headed to Rocklands, my generous friends at Climbtech sent me some samples from their growing soft goods and accessories line. I pretty much became obsessed with their boar’s hair brush, and made Vanessa take lots of picture of me using it for demonstration purposes. I’ll show you those in a second.

boom, it comes in 3 sizes. I can’t WAIT to get the small one for even deeper crimper digging

I’ve never been willing to try when it comes to brushes. I only ever have these nubby broken Lapis’s that I find under boulders, and children’s tooth brushes from pinata parties. This brush put me in a different league. You’ll recognize the climbtech brush line as “the black ones”, but with an extra long contoured handle and ultra-densely packed bristles it’s a little bit better than other similar ones I’ve seen in action. The denseness, and super dry nature of the boar’s hair, mean this little wand can degrease slopers and scour scum out of crimpers on the most popular double didgit lowballs in the world. You know, the one’s everyone thinks they have a shot at because they can pull onto every move and because, well, that Ann girl did it so it must be easy. I’m talking to YOU and you KNOW who you are and you FAILED so now you KNOW even BETTER that you are a GYM RAT punk with no business greasing up my slopers so go BACK to Nebraska or whatever. Mos says almost every female climber deals with this bs, and was totally compassionate, giving me no grief whatsoever for feeling and acting ragefull about it, and that is why he is the best best best.

But this is not a boyfriend review. Climbtech has the brush thing figured out, and having this one around gave me an edge where there was like, no edges whatsoever.


see all that excess chalk smokin off that hold like…smoke

brushin’ slopers in the sun on ‘Tis is Africa’ at the old campground sector. my shirt is falling off?

So this picture brings up another interesting subject, mORPHO. Do you know what mORPHO means? I did not, but it’s all over the Rocklands guidebook. Occasionally, after a problem description, mORPHO. I just assumed it meant “bADASS” and started trying this bulgy arete mORPHO thing called “Tis Is Africa”.

See those long ticks? When I pulled onto the problem, which was a move in itself where I had to put my left heel and hand on first, then hop on one foot to the right in order to get the very farthest bit of the right hand start hold, I couldn’t see anything. I could actually barely tilt my head upwards. I spent about an hour slapping at each move, desperate to understand what was so mORPHO about this gorgeous hunk of rock, then I got distracted and gave up, and then we climbed on the iconic Teapot Boulder.

up de spout!

And then, the last night on my trip, I learned that mORPHO is a French climbing expression that means “height dependent”


black swan tiara February 13, 2012

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I ended up wearing kind of a ballerina costume to coco and v7’s wedding last month. Merrick got a few amazing shots…

There isn't one of me standing, but the dress (loaner from Barbaracoa) was dark green with a rushed top, tulip sort of skirt and POCKETS! I felt quite gorgeous :>) Hey Blaine!

ok I'm sure I've already told you about this, but I got this amazing armlet custom made to fit my enormous biceps by a local Hanalei jewlery maker named Toni. She doesn't have the internet, but she's got a stand at the farmers market. I've been looking for one of these for years, but they're all too small or totally mannish. My upper arm measured almost 12 inches!



Thank Merrickales!!


the thing about stuff September 20, 2011

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I’ve done semi-annual “get rid of everything” things all my life. Mom called it “the great dump” and we did it twice a year when I was a kid, to par down the toys collection. But it’s always been about, ya know, removing the excess, giving away the pilled out sweaters and annoying shorts that never quite made it into rotation, and the last of the awesome set of pint glasses that you will never ever find again since bodum doesn’t make them anymore at least not in their bodum for Target line. But when I got to Austin on Thursday night I started the biggest, maybe second biggest, purging of belongings ever.

The biggest one was when my parents moved from where I grew up – an enormous 6 bedroom house – to a small condo. They took what they wanted and left me in charge of having an estate/garage sale of the rest. That was an emotionally charged experience of course. This one was probably smaller in volume, but harder. Because starting on Thursday I had to unload stuff that I love, currently love and would be in heavy rotation if I were in the proper climate, or would be decorating and functioning in my kitchen if I had one. This is the stuff that I adore and consider the material representation of my tastes and values.

It was kind of awesome. I’d pack a bag for BuffEx, get there, take three things out that I couldn’t part with yet, only to sell them to PlatoClo the next day. I’ve gotten a handful of cash for some things, goodwilled some, and made these packages for anyone I could think of who might enjoy some stuff. That’s been the funnest part, going through my favorite things and deciding who’s taste they may suit. I realized that yoga Matt might rock a vintage Southwestern Bell Telephone vest, and Sara Saylorking and Heather got some of my very coolest dresses and bathing suits. So I’m vagabond santa this week, and it’s been the proverbial spoonful/sugar. Of course the sweetest thing is that I’m heading to the Southeast on Saturday for 2 months, with the TripleCrown Bouldering Series, November in the Red, and lots of people to visit and play with!

In the meantime, I’m on a strict acquisitions diet. But I have seen some very cool things that I would have totally bought, were I not going ultralight in life…

Marimekko for anthropologie cotton tank at BuffEx. Amazing, and with that scooped, narrow bustline that I've only ever seen before on the Verve sports bras.

Ann Taylor Loft color block cotton tank. Holy moly I have been dreaming of this color combination and proportion for many years. Not right now though, my darling. It's just...I can't. Go! Leave my sight! Your beauty is like stabbing! Also at BuffEx.

The Gospel Soul of Aretha Franklin on vinyl at Half Price in Rice Village (H-town). Even though I sold most of my records and my turntable in a previous purging session, this might be a reaosn to dive in again. Maybe it's on iTunes? Ugh, I know. No, I know I know.

Novelty book about dealing with boyfriends/overgrown hysterical whining toddlers. I didn't actually want to get this, as I cannot relate to this problem


sweetness mission in wowtown September 1, 2011

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As a blogger, it is my responsibility to post annually about the picking of berries and the subsequent making of jam. Lovely photographs should be included, but they will never be as pretty as whatever designsponge has going on on this issue (good sweet corn god).

SO off we went, wearing rain boots for better thorn-stomping, to pick blackberries at this suh-weet spot along the train tracks behind a closed down fast food place and a dump full of stolen purses and blackened spoons. Squamish is so epically ghetto at certain intersections.

But once you're in the grove it's very pretty

Blackberry bushes are like huge thorned attackers, groping at you from every side, pulling your hair, tearing at your clothes. It’s like attempted gang rape, blackberry picking is. But with my rainboots I got through it.

jcrew via airport blvd goodwill $2!!

Several betas I learned for blackberry picking:

It’s only sweet if it falls off with a gentle pinch. Any picking force means bitter blackberries.

The best best best blackberries are the ones that are the only fat black berry in a cluster of green or barely red ones. They’ve been hogging the resources.

It’s super sad when you go to pinch one and the rustling causes an obviously more ripe one to fall into thorny oblivion.

Also, the great blackberry trail may cross private property. But since we’re not in Texas….

oh (come on) canada

Here’s the haul:


Does that look like a lot? Here’s another one with some relative-size comparisonication:

it was this big

We ate a bunch, froze a bunch more, kept some to eat tomorrow, then there was the jammin.

sweet bubbly

with ice cream wowtown


repreZent July 18, 2011

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Thanks for coming out to the dyno contest! It was the perfect way to spend another drizzler!

EMA competed, too, which was great since I learned a lot about dynoing from him last year on the Walrus. He was the shortest – and only non-lurp – guy in the top 6. He got 5th, and I think he was the only one who knew how to dyno. The rest of the field was littered with lurp action. Although the guy who eventually won was a total animal. And so was the girl who won. I got 2nd, and I think my highest dyno was like 1.8 meters. Thrilling. The girl who won wound up beating the Squamish record and punted just shy of meeting the world record. For dynoing on a woody in public. This is our sport. I’ve never done a climbing thing in front of people before, but as Australian David observed I had no trouble getting comfortable with the attention. Here’s a few of the official contest pics. More to come from Lotti…

a solid showing all around by the bteam

I love the girl cheering on the left. that's me on the wall btw

i won a swanky arcteryx jacket and one of those red mini pad bags, which I traded with one of the guys for a $150 fiveten gift card, which does not cover a pair of shoes. So I won the opportunity to give fiveten $20. I think I'll get the Yosemite Jeans. YAY!


fairness May 27, 2011

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After a super relaxed and soothing lake day with Louis on Sunday, I caught the last few hours of the Renegade Craft Fair, which DeeDee had alerted me to woo hoo! Knew that girl was a find. I had a blast wandering around racks of perfect, soft t-shirts and dresses with cute things on them, and teacups I had to restrain myself from. Because I am not in the market for more breakable tea cups a week out from a possibly endless trip. I’m not. But I bought possibly the most perfect pair of earrings I’ve ever seen, and I practically haven’t taken them off since. My face is annoying me right now, but here they are:

like a dream of earrings come true. Also, note the evidence of packing! allllllmmmoooooost done!

They’re from Early Jewelry. I love some of her other stuff, especially this Rrring.

and speaking of Rabers, my brother is having a baby within the next week! First of our family. I have never actually wanted to be in England before now.

I also got a really funny sock monkey from Tara George.

It's like this but with funnier eyes and brown. Technically it's a gift for a young friend, but I'm gonna go ahead and infuse it with love for a while first. It's only right, right?

There was this one booth at the fair I was in love with, but it was out of my price range for the day. It’s called Fernworks and it’s my Gawd. Look at these…

click on any of these to see the shop page

Like so many things at the Renegade Craft Fair, they have a touch of ‘put a bird on it’ going on, but in this case I was charmed — so to speak.

There was also this painting, which I saw at La Patisserie a few weeks ago while scarfing macaroons and tea. It reminds me of the Alot from Hyperbole and a half, and half because of that and half just because, I like it a lot.

click to see the artist's page. and oh mai goodness it sold! Yay!


Dresses May 3, 2011

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I’ve been going to weddings all season, and more to come yay! I am surrounded, on all sides, by people who are in love and growing their families. It’s great. Here is what I’ve been wearing and doing with my hair. I know, you’ve been waiting for me to get to this.

Katie and Ian

My sister Katie picked out these silk red dresses for her bridesmaids. Mine was a low halter and full skirt, and I loved it! That’s Maggie behind me in her pink Maid-o-Honor dress, and Charlie the flower girl at the end.

It has pockets!

For my hair, I showed the hairdresser this picture of Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line.

she nailed it, I think

For Katie’s rehersal dinner, I wore this black and white bias-cut number with a sort of abstract lizard pattern. I got it in Cape Cod with Lily in probably 2006.

I think my stance is kind of odd here, and I'm not loving how the dress hangs. But it feels good. The bias-cut fabric hugs me, and I feel more curvacious than usual in it.

Here’s my hair knot from the rehearsal dinner, and these little blue earings.

And here’s the black dress and boots combo I wore for the pre-wedding barn party.

Maggie and I sang "Goin to the Chapel"

So that’s the royal Raber wedding.

Rachel and Phil

Rachel and Phil’s wedding was a social climbers event, and full of fun people and memories. I’ve known Rachel a long time and seeing she and Phil meet and fall into each other has been glorious. I wore this cotton, also halter, puff dress from Anthropologie circa 2008.  The same week I bought it I saw an unattractive blond walking down the drag in it with a backpack and sneakers. I cringed to look at it in my closet after that, but I guess enough time has passed by now, because it FINALLY felt right.

Stripes collide! I love my loooong ponytail and big hoop earrings, but this image makes me wish I'd worn heels. by BevDemShu

Here's the color scheme, with my dance partner Liam Oliver, hanging on for his life.

This was an adorable event full of people I’ve known since I first started climbing in 2006. We’ve grown up so much since we were 25-ish, and there were SO many babies.

There have been a few more events, but I don’t have pics yet, and this post has been too long already. Yay, dresses! Ya know, I wish it was socially acceptable to have a dress library, where you could go get a dress, wear it, maybe buy it if you were obsessed or just bring it back after your event. Because I can’t wear any of these dresses to events with the same people again. But I bought them all pretty pricily, and would be hesitant to just get rid of them for good. I want, omg, I GOT it. I want a friend-dress library, among a small, controlled group. A dress co-op. You own all the dresses, WE own all the dresses. Gonna work on this….