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New Training Post and P Style! February 5, 2014

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I’ve got a new post about abdominal exercise for bouldering over at Climb On Sister┬áthis week!

Also, next month I’m going to start carting around a really cute vintage suitcase in my roofbox. What’s going to be inside? P Styles! So you don’t have to be jealous of my amazing stand up and pee ability for long, as I’ll have them for sale as soon as we get back to the parking lot. Should be pretty exciting. I’ve had a revival of interest from people about the P Style, so I decided it was just time. In the meantime, I’ll direct you directly to the P Style website. That’s my news!


Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.56.21 PM


Shelved October 12, 2011

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I’ve been meaning to post about my amazing car shelf, because that’s the kind of information that could be useful to someone, and because it is amazing. So when I packed for Flagstaff, I folded the El Rav’s seats down and shlopped it all in there. And everything fit, basically and easily.

BUT, in Canada Amyot got inspired to build my ride out a bit, to great results.

Amyot gets a routing lesson from Thomas, to smooth out the edges of my build out

The system is basically two wooden boxes that fit in my trunk, and on top one of the folded-down back seats, creating an “L” platform about 20 inches high, with ample storage underneath. They have smoothed edges and are lightweight, so I can move them in and out pretty easily. My huge VooDoo crash pad fits along the long side of the “L”, and if I take it out and put it on the roof, it’s a perfect Raber-size sleeping surface.

A slight angle accounts for the non-flatness of the folded down el Rav platform, creating a level surface for sleeping and storing

Here’s my packing setup for the southeast tour.

The half-seat shelf. My closet is the other seat, which I'll show you in a minute.

Here's both shelves. A hatch under the floorboards holds all my non-daily use climbing gear, tent, extra blankets and stuff. The long end is a sleeping surface. No one much bigger than me would fit in it, though.

Kristen Tan gave me these crates last year, and they've become my world.

This is pretty much it. Crash pad slides in the long slot, and we're good!

My closet habits are...whatever. Laundry goes in that bin on the floor.

Fun box! 6 months worth of New Yorkers, yarn, Hafiz and Tarot cards are all I need for a good time!

So that’s how the car packing went. HUGE improvement with the shelving system, and I’m loving life with the El Rav so far.


road life sw00n September 21, 2011

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the thing about stuff September 20, 2011

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I’ve done semi-annual “get rid of everything” things all my life. Mom called it “the great dump” and we did it twice a year when I was a kid, to par down the toys collection. But it’s always been about, ya know, removing the excess, giving away the pilled out sweaters and annoying shorts that never quite made it into rotation, and the last of the awesome set of pint glasses that you will never ever find again since bodum doesn’t make them anymore at least not in their bodum for Target line. But when I got to Austin on Thursday night I started the biggest, maybe second biggest, purging of belongings ever.

The biggest one was when my parents moved from where I grew up – an enormous 6 bedroom house – to a small condo. They took what they wanted and left me in charge of having an estate/garage sale of the rest. That was an emotionally charged experience of course. This one was probably smaller in volume, but harder. Because starting on Thursday I had to unload stuff that I love, currently love and would be in heavy rotation if I were in the proper climate, or would be decorating and functioning in my kitchen if I had one. This is the stuff that I adore and consider the material representation of my tastes and values.

It was kind of awesome. I’d pack a bag for BuffEx, get there, take three things out that I couldn’t part with yet, only to sell them to PlatoClo the next day. I’ve gotten a handful of cash for some things, goodwilled some, and made these packages for anyone I could think of who might enjoy some stuff. That’s been the funnest part, going through my favorite things and deciding who’s taste they may suit. I realized that yoga Matt might rock a vintage Southwestern Bell Telephone vest, and Sara Saylorking and Heather got some of my very coolest dresses and bathing suits. So I’m vagabond santa this week, and it’s been the proverbial spoonful/sugar. Of course the sweetest thing is that I’m heading to the Southeast on Saturday for 2 months, with the TripleCrown Bouldering Series, November in the Red, and lots of people to visit and play with!

In the meantime, I’m on a strict acquisitions diet. But I have seen some very cool things that I would have totally bought, were I not going ultralight in life…

Marimekko for anthropologie cotton tank at BuffEx. Amazing, and with that scooped, narrow bustline that I've only ever seen before on the Verve sports bras.

Ann Taylor Loft color block cotton tank. Holy moly I have been dreaming of this color combination and proportion for many years. Not right now though, my darling. It's just...I can't. Go! Leave my sight! Your beauty is like stabbing! Also at BuffEx.

The Gospel Soul of Aretha Franklin on vinyl at Half Price in Rice Village (H-town). Even though I sold most of my records and my turntable in a previous purging session, this might be a reaosn to dive in again. Maybe it's on iTunes? Ugh, I know. No, I know I know.

Novelty book about dealing with boyfriends/overgrown hysterical whining toddlers. I didn't actually want to get this, as I cannot relate to this problem


sweetness mission in wowtown September 1, 2011

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As a blogger, it is my responsibility to post annually about the picking of berries and the subsequent making of jam. Lovely photographs should be included, but they will never be as pretty as whatever designsponge has going on on this issue (good sweet corn god).

SO off we went, wearing rain boots for better thorn-stomping, to pick blackberries at this suh-weet spot along the train tracks behind a closed down fast food place and a dump full of stolen purses and blackened spoons. Squamish is so epically ghetto at certain intersections.

But once you're in the grove it's very pretty

Blackberry bushes are like huge thorned attackers, groping at you from every side, pulling your hair, tearing at your clothes. It’s like attempted gang rape, blackberry picking is. But with my rainboots I got through it.

jcrew via airport blvd goodwill $2!!

Several betas I learned for blackberry picking:

It’s only sweet if it falls off with a gentle pinch. Any picking force means bitter blackberries.

The best best best blackberries are the ones that are the only fat black berry in a cluster of green or barely red ones. They’ve been hogging the resources.

It’s super sad when you go to pinch one and the rustling causes an obviously more ripe one to fall into thorny oblivion.

Also, the great blackberry trail may cross private property. But since we’re not in Texas….

oh (come on) canada

Here’s the haul:


Does that look like a lot? Here’s another one with some relative-size comparisonication:

it was this big

We ate a bunch, froze a bunch more, kept some to eat tomorrow, then there was the jammin.

sweet bubbly

with ice cream wowtown


glamping at horne lake August 1, 2011

Took a 3 day camping trip to Horne Lake on Vancouver Island for some limestone sports action. A delicious break from granite sloper training and brushing off holds all day. Climbed 3 days and no elbow fire! I think the relatively relaxed climbing was a good break, and I also think I’m trying harder than I think I am at bouldering around here. The rules at Horne Lake seem to be something like, ‘no chipping, sandbag everything’. But it was pure pleasure to move on that kind of rock again, workin knee bars, grabbin’ jugs, gettin’ pumped, taking looooong falls in a roof. I did some twelves (omg!) and took some pictures:

berries galore

that's a camping milk steamer there on the right. i know. no, i know.


the titular lake

aggressive canadians graffitied my car at the trailhead

Back to the Squamish forest boulders today! I have a few projects in the talus, tons of classics to try and mellow circuiting to experience. Why is the sherpa taking so long with the coffee?


all back up in training April 27, 2011

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It’s almost exactly a month before my summer trip takes off, I’ve done a few projects in town, and I already explained about the lake. So climbing is over, and here’s my plan: Try hard not to get any climby-tweaks, and do minimal-impact workouts every day, some days a lot some days a little. The idea is, one, not to get bored, and two, to get used to being super active and strong for many hours in a row.


So it pretty much started yesterday. Sometimes I think I’d like to motivate to do something, but it seems really far off. Then I shut off part of my mind, think about something else, and poof, I’m where I thought I wouldn’t motivate to be. Yesterday I swam seriously for the first time this year at Deep Eddy. I can’t remember what I was working up to last year, but I started with what I thought was pretty chill, 2 sets of 5 ‘down-n-backs’ with a 10 minute rest in between. I did mostly crawl, with a little breaststroke in there, although the frog kick aggravates this little heel-hook tweak I have going on in my knee, so I’m doing it with butterfly stroke style legs, which makes it the slowest stroke possible, very heavy on the arms.


So I’ll plan to swim 3 times a week, and keep note of my lappage here and see if I improve! It was so good to be back in the water, doing my little psychiatric endurance training thing. Sadly, my free neighborhood pool Givens Park isn’t open until June 8th. Deep Eddy costs a few bucks, but I have a good few weeks left on my pass.


The other parts of my super training month will be, for the next two weeks at least, massive Pilates to prepare for my exam, P90x ab ripper, circuit at the gymnastics gym before my classes, and a light free weights and theraband routine I’m working on. Also, this elaborate, ‘harnessing the feminine’ prayer, meditation and movement thing I’m sort of doing/sort of inventing from multiple sources.



Some of my other goals for the month are:

Stop using the word “Really”

Somehow fit all my favorite house-y things that I cannot get rid of into my parents house for safe-keeping

Crush my Pilates certification exam

Research and draw a plan for a 3-day (peyote-free) vision quest with a slant toward enhancing my feminine spirit

Stop participating in the hurtful, demeaning act that is gossip, or making myself a party to it by sharing personal information with folks who do

At least two more days in the ocean

More on these to follow. Thanks!