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fifas September 29, 2014

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So after all that woe and drama over not doing my summer project at Way Lake, I gave up and went to the tramway where I was able to finish my other hard summer project on my first try of the day. So much for a doomed season. I’m taking it as a very good sign.


I noticed that there are no other female ascents of this thing in the 8a database. Not a ton of people or females go to the Tramway, and those who do or have recently haven’t gotten on this line, so I wonder if it’s not unreasonable to think that this is the first, or at least a very rare, female ascent. Brigit is the main gal who has done hard tram problems, and she says she hasn’t had luck on this one. Ashima came out one day, but I was there and we never went over this way. Lisa Rands trampaged one time, and we usually assume she did everything, but I found no evidence either way. Natasha Barnes? Seems likely but no tick noted. Jess Chen? I think there would be at least some mention of it. Anyway, there is always this sort of conflicted feeling when a possible ffa comes up for me. On the one hand, obviously I am not the only female in the world capable of doing this line, and doing it doesn’t break any longstanding barriers in climbing, so perhaps it shouldn’t matter and I am super cheesy for bringing it up or claiming. But I am proud anyway, because whether or not I am first-first-first-female, I was able to do a line that is not a typical girl problem. I schlepped up there enough days in a row to get it done. I made an opportunity for myself and showed up to the Steep Sharmarete, and that is more than half of the outdoor climbing game. And, even if it turns out Barnes or Rands or Chen have done it, my doing it too could open up the problem to other no-name whoeverettes like me, who paid for their shoes and climbed a mile in them on the same four moves. So that’s my thoughts on that.


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