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watch what I’m thinking? don’t worry it’s about bouldering. September 24, 2014

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Summer is over. I am awed by how much I was able to get through in terms of training, trips, family, surfing, homemaking, cooking, yoga and alllllll the rest, and by how much I had to let go of when it finally ended. I’m working on a longer post about the summer and its wonder. But my mind has turned, as it so often does just ahead of my writing, to the fall season. I am leaving the one week for a month in Switzerland, granite bouldering pre-season tradition continues! I’m sad that moses won’t be joining me, because I will miss him, but I also know that this trip will be good solo experience. It’s not a huge amount of time, and I want to really dig into Magic Wood, read, not be upset or stressed by bad weather or heinous exchange rates, and hang with some of my Euro girls and a few folks from here who will be there at the same time.

I’m also, of course again, thinking about Hueco and Bishop. I had a fun talk with Melissa today about Hueco plans and dreams for the season. I’ve made two videos of the Buttermilks, which seems to indicate that I am thinking about them. Here they are. No sending happens in either, but I apparently am so into video making now (which was a Jewish New Year’s goal of mine like 2 years ago so yay!) that it’s become my medium of choice for documenting whatever is in my mind and heart. And it’s things at the milks that I haven’t done yet. I hope you enjoy! Oh, these link to the vimeo page.

Paula Demonstrates some hard beta for a hard problem that is not on my list this year, but, you know, you never know.

Paula demonstrates some hard beta for a hard problem that is not on my list this year, but, you know, you never know.

And here is my atmospheric Buttermilks rain date video, wherein I work on and do some of the moves of Center Direct, on my list this year but as I said, you never know.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 5.27.25 PM


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