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Catchup December 19, 2013

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No easy way to get back in then to get back in. Here are a few shots of Max and Liberty walking into Black Velvet canyon on Monday. Fun day!



God, I just had this super aggravating thing happen. I had sent a bunch of pics to a friend, and she shared them with her gear sponsors, which is  awesome because she is awesome, and the sponsors used them quite extensively in their social media ish, but I never got even a shout out of credit. I know, happens constantly and it’s not like my shots are pro fancy money shots anyway, but dammit. The stakes are so pathetically low in the climbing social media world, it’s almost aggravating how aggravated I feel over it, considering all I missed out on were potential ‘likes’ by strangers. There’s no money or material support of any kind at the end of this #rainbow of tags and hash and like-age, just more sips of tepid air and ephemeral encouragement to ‘keep at it’. Kinda pathetic, all the free low-quality content spiraling around out here, organized into categories and vying for some sense of officialness, shouting into an echo chamber. I’ve noticed this in several fields, but in the world of internet climbing more than ever, this sort of ‘exclusive consumer’ class who are invited to ‘represent’ companies as walking ambassadors (models) and buy products are a reduced rate (so flattering?). As far as I can figure, so long as you are giving an ounce of coin to someone else, it’s you who is sponsoring them. I don’t care if it was 40% off wholesale free shipping plus some free branded apparel. I’ve yet to see the van that runs on swag alone, and all a discount will ever be is an invitation to purchase.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure Peter Beal distilled these thoughts  better than I ever will here and here

Here’s another thing on the subject, but funny.

This is from the Alpinist, just awesome.



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