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hobo stuff October 24, 2012

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Hey! It’s been an incredible and educational month in California, and Truckee/North Lake Tahoe is being added to my list of potential happy places to post longer term (others so far are Ashville, St George, and Vermont). I feel stoked on boulders, obsessed with sport lines I probably won’t get to try again this year, and ready to flee  south as the snow is setting in now. I’ve been going kind of insane on the facebooks lately, so sorry if you’re my friend and felt pummeled by a barrage of ANN RABER STUFF the last couple weeks. I got really bored one day in Houston and decided to just go balls to the walls with the whole ‘putting myself out there’ thing, and now I’m sharing the results.

Here’s a video from a quick session at a boulder near our campsite in Truckee. I got shut down trying to go to other areas of more renown, and anyway, here’s the hobo boulder….


click for the vimeos!






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