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Other People July 21, 2012

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I’ve been in the Rocklands for a month now, and I’ve gotten to see a few waves of people come and go. Here are some highlights from the new-friends front…

buchanan and sons bouldering and legal services

Dave and his dad Ian came to the Rocklands for their two weeks vacation from lawyering in England. Ian is a sport climber, but he hit the campus board for six weeks prior to their trip, and was on a mission to crush all the crimpy 6b’s in the park.

Ian (dave’s dad) with Moses at 8 Days Rain

They had hilarious conflicts over Ian’s insistance at clipping his jacket pouch to his belt in public. “I wish my dad was into climbing!” “I wish mine wasn’t.” Wryness abounds. They were a hit with everyone who met them, myself included. I put them on my list of touchstone people for my UK bouldering adventure (date not set).

team brazil!

Team Brazil is here. They move around fast, but I was able to count 14 Brazilian boulderers. They drive around in two rented pickup trucks, they each have a brand new Mondo-sized pad emblazoned with a Brazilian flag  “Rocklands” logo.

They’re exactly what you want to see when you come up to your project. Nothing but pads and spots and enthusiasm for whatever. Team Brazil is here for 3 weeks, and they’re trip was sponsored in part by a Brazilian chalk and soft goods brand called 4Climb. Obrigado!

know it/see it

Philip Ribiere, who I got to know in Hueco this year, arrived this week! We’re hoping he can screen his film, A Wild One, at the Hen House before I leave. I overheard someone ask him what the film is about, and he said,

“It is about me, about my childhood, my condition, and how to become a professional climber. But it is mainly about the love, and how the love, all the kinds of love, are the most important thing of everything.”

So I can’t wait to see it. And therefor, to know it.

hen housette sarah at the plateau

I’ve been spending rainy rest days posting up at the Hen House coffee shop, getting to know Sarah and the owner/operator Becky. We all went out climbing one day on this lovely moderate line called “Freckles Are Beautiful”, because we all have freckles :)

Of course there are many others, including the Belgians with their little hamburgler looking friend Nicola who crushes, and Owen from England with a matching purple hoodie, and more I haven’t taken pictures of yet. I have 2 weeks left, 2 hard projects I’m committed to not giving up on, and still 2 areas I haven’t been to. Shoot, 4 actually. Planning for next summer already!


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