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lambertsbaii restdaii July 12, 2012

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Three weeks in South Africa without 2 consecutive rest days has made me insane. It was great the first two weeks when I was sending, had a ton of projects all over the place, the world a pile of possibilities. But a week without an inspiring new project, an influx of the worldwide federation of broin’out, added up to a meltdown day at the pass. Just so SO not psyched.

After a few hours of crying and listening to Beyonce in the car, Moses decided I needed a beach day. Yesterday we slept in, drank coffee for an hour and headed to Lamberts Bay, about 45 minutes and a universe away from the Rocklands. It was the perfect change of landscape for me, and I’m hoping after a another long rest day here at the Hen House, and maybe a slow morning, I’ll be excited to go try this line that I did the famous “all but one move” of last week.

It’s so hard to leave a climbing area, even if you know you have plenty of time and aren’t having any fun. What’s with that? Have you ever tried to leave Hueco during a 3 days snowstorm? Just to go to Marfa or T0C or something? Never happens. I’m trying to break that mental barrier, because it’s so good once I do it.

Here’s some pics from “Lambertsbaii”

this is him :)

this whole trip is about my amazing pink hoodie (goodwill via old navy, who knew?)

hoodie love


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