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tea time July 8, 2012

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Jeremy Thomley, who took all the amazing Mallorca pictures of me that are posted up around here, is staying with us (have I told you I have a boyfriend? It’s kind of awesome, but still new so nbd :)) in the Rocklands. It’s been glorious to have him out here, figuring out how the fireplace works and dj-ing pop-hop dance parties in the kitchen. We went to the Tea Garden area the other day, where I made a quick go of the popular Teagarden Roof. It’s a longish problem with slopers and blocky crimps and a rather tricky scary ending. Sigh, Fred <3

had to wait until sunset to send so I could see the last holds without being blinded!

getting a spot from moses

and, done!


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  1. I knew I wouldn’t remember to look up the name of the book on my shelf. Fail.

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