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Adirondackers June 2, 2012

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Hi! I’d say I’ve been lazy, but it would be a lie. I’ll explain later?

Spent this week exploring the Mackenzie Pond boulders near Lakes Placid and Saranac in the Adirondacks with Veevers. What a treat to spend time together outside of the Hueco season! I went to college kind of close to here in Vermont, where I’ve also been bouldering while I work in gardens and wait for my flight to South Africa to leave from NYC. It’s felt eye opening and wonderful to come back with a thirst for boulders. The bouldering I’ve done has a super local feel, small zones with concentrations of classics and lots of warm ups. I’m feeling psyched to explore mostly on my own, doing lots of circuits, getting bold for higher moderate lines, and getting lost (for an hour alone omg it was awful). More about the trip later. Heeeeere’s Ashley!

Veevers warming up at Mackenzie Zone 2

the IF boulder

I’m that friend who takes pictures of you when you’re eating and walking then puts them on the internet

Veevers downclimbing, sort of


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