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this is my third post today and that is like a record. December 13, 2011

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Mike, aka “Carl”, made a pretty awesome fall round-up video of Linville Gorge bouldering, and I’m in it TWICE!

One time is a time-lapse of a day that I spent 3 hours in my (amazing new Marmot4Ladies) sleeping bag (that I won at an ABS comp) rolling around while everyone got up and got motivated.

The other time I’m ignoring Mike while he does a totally amazing FA that starts on my project and goes into another problem. Out in the west, they’ll tell you to move the hell out of the frame. In the cordial southland, however, they just let you sit there and play with leaves, and add some ken burns effect in editing.

Great work, Mike! Also, it would behouve anyone to go stalk Mike’s vimeo and check out his Linville Gorge Lisa Hummel video, and his ropes course building work.

And peep this awesome picture I got him to send me of a pile of rocks he piled up one day.

the guy can stack rocks, right?


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