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another hueco pun! December 12, 2011

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Couple things: Blame the horrible ranch barn wifi, but I managed to delete a bunch of comments the other day. They all appeared to have duplicated themselves multiple times, and when I tried to correct that, well, comments go boom. Sorry bout that.

SendAnn is an official media link of the 2012 HuecoRock Rodeo! Thanks baby. If this one thing works out, and this other thing that I hope works out doesn’t happen, I’ll definitely be there!

Hueco so far has been wonderful. For the first time I’ve accepted the “day on-day off” schedule that is the favorite among my most prolific and experienced Hueco climbing friends, and (go figure) it’s working brilliantly. It always seemed like such a relatively small amount of climbing time, I couldn’t justify it. I’ve just gone for two on-one off from the getgo. On that system a typical day goes like this: I warm up, eat, complain about my skin and muscles, sleep through the last half of a tour, and only ever have strong days after two days of rest. But so far on the one-on-one-off system, I’ve impressed myself with my day-stamina. I’m giving “one last go’s” at every stop, and working hard at limit problems all day.  So it’s probably an as if not more efficient use of my climbing time to just take every other day off and shut up.

My hopes and dreams list for Hueco is getting worked out too. I’m sending old and new stuff, getting over other stuff, and adding new things I hadn’t heard of. Here’s an update:

Did: troglodyte, bloody flapper (!!!!!!!!!), apres mort

Punted: Egg, Loaded, Alf

Over: new religion sit, because after revisiting the stand for review ema convinced me that the sit-start degrades the quality of the problem. Good enough, moving on!

Reshuffled: turns out “that tall thing by julio” and “The tall cool one” are actually the same problem.

Added: Bush League


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