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is this totally silly? November 6, 2011

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Before I tell you how awesome the Triple Crown ended up going, which was beyond-beyond expectations of awesome, I have to ask you, is this silly and lame? It’s a new “page” with all my climbing comp results on it, and a list of times I’ve been in mags or on magazine websites. Basically, just a little climbing- attention inventory. This guy at the Triple Crown asked me if I’d ever done anything, and I was like, well, just this little stuff and that nothing thing. He was like, that’s real stuff, you can make that into a kind of rock climbing cv. Which sounded super self-important and ridiculous to me at the time. But then I was like, it’s not like I’m doing anything else these days. Might as well account for my time and work with what I’ve got.


Ok, you’re right, it isn’t lame or silly. A little cheesy maybe, but that’s going to have to be ok for now.


Hey, good talk!


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