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Shelved October 12, 2011

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I’ve been meaning to post about my amazing car shelf, because that’s the kind of information that could be useful to someone, and because it is amazing. So when I packed for Flagstaff, I folded the El Rav’s seats down and shlopped it all in there. And everything fit, basically and easily.

BUT, in Canada Amyot got inspired to build my ride out a bit, to great results.

Amyot gets a routing lesson from Thomas, to smooth out the edges of my build out

The system is basically two wooden boxes that fit in my trunk, and on top one of the folded-down back seats, creating an “L” platform about 20 inches high, with ample storage underneath. They have smoothed edges and are lightweight, so I can move them in and out pretty easily. My huge VooDoo crash pad fits along the long side of the “L”, and if I take it out and put it on the roof, it’s a perfect Raber-size sleeping surface.

A slight angle accounts for the non-flatness of the folded down el Rav platform, creating a level surface for sleeping and storing

Here’s my packing setup for the southeast tour.

The half-seat shelf. My closet is the other seat, which I'll show you in a minute.

Here's both shelves. A hatch under the floorboards holds all my non-daily use climbing gear, tent, extra blankets and stuff. The long end is a sleeping surface. No one much bigger than me would fit in it, though.

Kristen Tan gave me these crates last year, and they've become my world.

This is pretty much it. Crash pad slides in the long slot, and we're good!

My closet habits are...whatever. Laundry goes in that bin on the floor.

Fun box! 6 months worth of New Yorkers, yarn, Hafiz and Tarot cards are all I need for a good time!

So that’s how the car packing went. HUGE improvement with the shelving system, and I’m loving life with the El Rav so far.


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