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ye old weekend bouldering trip September 25, 2011

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Everytime I’ve ever said anything about wanting to go to Leavenworth, Allen would say something like this: “Do you know what Leavenworth is? It’s a Bavarian theme town.” And the way he said it would give me this feeling like he was saying I couldn’t handle it. “And? You think I’ve never seen a Bavarian theme town? Hello? Central Texas?” I was picturing, I suppose, something like Fredericksburg or that Chevron station on I-10 with the famous Kolaches.

But Leavenworth is nothing like Fredericksburg. Leavenworth is a Bavarian theme town.

ordinance, and common decency, dictates that all businesses must participate in the mission

my brother will be thrilled to learn I did not buy this for his son. But I plan to return...

There's polka music piped into the air from hidden speakers around the village

It’s actually kind of a beautiful story. The town of Leavenworth was dying, there were no jobs, their mining heyday was long gone, and there was no relief in sight. So the townspeople decided to go for broke with this quirky dream they had, and wth, it worked. Everyone runs their own Bavaria-themed business. I met people running small hotels, hat shops, knife emporiums, cafes, pubs, gourmet sauce shops, whatever. If it’s an idle retail dream, someone in Leavenworth is living it. They can’t be doing that well, right? I mean, we’re all melting from economic woe, so I hear. But I’ll be, the shops were crowded all weekend, there was a long wait at the bratworst place, and I was not permitted to enter a hotel after hours to look at entries to a local quilt festival. The place had a freakishly good feeling, and my face hurt from smiling so much after three days there.

Back alley riverdance!

birthday brew at ye old munchen hausen (curryworst = win)

The climbing on this trip, however, was limited. It was in the 90s, so we got up at 6am and headed to Nate’s old projects until the sun hit. By eleven we were cooking breakfast on the beach and settling in for a day of ice cold water and blistering sun. Then another hour or two climbing in the evening.

I did a few warm ups every day, but my soul was tweaked/trip over. But what climbing I did do made me amped to get back to Leavenworth during a better season. But what is the season there? It’s terribly hot in the summer, and I imagine very rainy in the rest of the time, I’m not clear on the timing for it. It was a warm spell that weekend, though, and I saw the temps were much lower and it was dry a week later. Maybe early fall? I’ll aim for it next year.

Nate on whirlpool, which has a watery death fall. Gorgeous though.

The granite in leavenworth is beautiful to touch. It's brown, with fat grain, sticky texture and lots of actual holds! A huge and welcome change from the gray slippery microcrystal slopers of Squamish

This is the landing for whirlpool. yikes!!

And this is pretty much how the rest of the day goes. That water is SO COLD. That's Nancy Peterson in the river, and Zach on the shore. They were excellent company all weekend. Nancy stayed in the river for 45 minutes one day, tredswimming against the current - impressive!

I mostly hung out under my gypsy tree

Full gypsy effect. You know yer jealous of my shady patch!


Sunday proj: finish the entire new york times, minus the week in review section because it's nauseating. Sent!


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