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worthy news August 12, 2011

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I can’t think of anything that makes me feel instantly more myself – good or bad – than catching up with my family. Here’s the best of the recent news:

Katie and Ian live in a very nice house on a less than fancy street. She was on her way home in a taxi, driving through one of the riotous neighborhoods near her place, when a megaphone blasted at the crowd “Disperse! Disperse now!” She saw a few shops on fire and burned out cars, and took refuge at a friend’s apartment. Her husband slept clutching a 4-iron. They are, for some reason I didn’t quite follow, on the way to Singapore today?

life in the hood

My parents are doing their annual avoid Houston until the sun relents thing, and are in Southern Ontario. Here they are kayaking without PFDs (!).





Maggie wrote another story for the Wine Spectator website, where she works as a picker of wines to serve at events-er and auction coverage person.

My nephew continues to enjoy a proper British upbringing.


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