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i don’t feel like blog-writing June 18, 2011

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Flagstaff is really good. Found 2 glorious yoga teachers, a cute coffee shop, and I’m loving tent life. But I don’t feel like saying anything else about it at the moment.

i got this new purple crash pad from voodoo

climbed out this long glorious roof

swam in this cold cold water

did this not-my-highest-number-but-close slooper rock climb in just a couple tries, which impressed andy and ema, which made me happy

what else have I done?

fell off this rock climb. not particularly stoked to return. if anyone ever asks if you wanna go climb on some "Dasite" /day-site/, you do not. If you're me, that is. by EMA

That’s been about it. Got some projects I’m psyched on, but some may require a return visit in September. ‘nother post to go into that. Still not missing Austin, but I like the idea of a Feb-April in Austin kinda thing, time to to go to all my favorite yoga and pilates classes, do feminine presence class again, go to the temple there, climb bloc party and el camino, ride my bike around, have lots of lunch dates. Trying to check in with that idea once in a while, “do i miss it? nope. wanna go back in september? nope. k good talk.” A wave of reading and crochet psych, a cuteness, and plans for the rest of the summer-fall-winter are holding most of my attention these days.

OH! I have a nephew!

his name is henry benjamin moore raber, he's british, and he totally has that benjamin button old man baby look going on. hoping to meet him IRL soon.


actual vision June 8, 2011

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I mistreat lenses and go through them like tissues. This one is a 35mm –  kinda tighter than I prefer, and I can’t get those super wide angle fancy pictures that are so all the rage nowsadaze. But Andy pointed out that this frame is a decent reflection of actual vision, and I suppose he has a point. It only lets in about as much information as I can process at a time anyway. Not sure I’m using it to full advantage, and my pictures look desperate or like puzzle pieces.

my room in atx, devoid of all my stuff!!

el rav all packed up. later i pulled out the bed roll and fit two crash pads in there. Thing is cavernossss

that sticker says, "If you don't talk to your kids about John Aielli, who will?". A perfect note to flee the atx on, I think.

So then I left. More pics of that in a minute. Man, if I had to decide right now, I would say I’m happy to absolutely not return to Austin for any longer than it takes to pick up the rest of my stuff. I moved there in 2006 because my ex hubs loves it, and now I can’t think of any reasons to hang around. I’ll change my mind fifty times in the next 4 months, but my usual homesickness upon leaving is nill. I keep having this conversation: “Oh Austin, that’s suppose to be a great town, eh?” “It’s alright.” I’m gonna start saying I’m from Houston, and I love it. That usually shuts strangers up.