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fairness May 27, 2011

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After a super relaxed and soothing lake day with Louis on Sunday, I caught the last few hours of the Renegade Craft Fair, which DeeDee had alerted me to woo hoo! Knew that girl was a find. I had a blast wandering around racks of perfect, soft t-shirts and dresses with cute things on them, and teacups I had to restrain myself from. Because I am not in the market for more breakable tea cups a week out from a possibly endless trip. I’m not. But I bought possibly the most perfect pair of earrings I’ve ever seen, and I practically haven’t taken them off since. My face is annoying me right now, but here they are:

like a dream of earrings come true. Also, note the evidence of packing! allllllmmmoooooost done!

They’re from Early Jewelry. I love some of her other stuff, especially this Rrring.

and speaking of Rabers, my brother is having a baby within the next week! First of our family. I have never actually wanted to be in England before now.

I also got a really funny sock monkey from Tara George.

It's like this but with funnier eyes and brown. Technically it's a gift for a young friend, but I'm gonna go ahead and infuse it with love for a while first. It's only right, right?

There was this one booth at the fair I was in love with, but it was out of my price range for the day. It’s called Fernworks and it’s my Gawd. Look at these…

click on any of these to see the shop page

Like so many things at the Renegade Craft Fair, they have a touch of ‘put a bird on it’ going on, but in this case I was charmed — so to speak.

There was also this painting, which I saw at La Patisserie a few weeks ago while scarfing macaroons and tea. It reminds me of the Alot from Hyperbole and a half, and half because of that and half just because, I like it a lot.

click to see the artist's page. and oh mai goodness it sold! Yay!


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