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there’s a will May 26, 2011

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Will Rosshirt is my super dependable rides to-and-from the airport friend. He’s also always good for tools and random garagy materials. I don’t remember what he did to deserve this toil, but everytime I need to go to or from the airport, I can ask my closest friends, fake boyfriends, family, but it almost always comes down to Will Rosshirt. It’s a nice chance to peek into his life, and he’s always got something going on. Will is also a pretty amazing painter. Look at this shot Erik took of him recently with one of his pieces — he has a whole series of these large scale, weird curtain looking canvases with…is that like, plants?

by erik

Here’s one he did based on a photo Merrickales took. I LOVE this.

Seriously, right? You can peep his work and browse prints here.


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