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i have a crush May 21, 2011

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   on jason kehl

on facebook

and i kinda think it’s mutual

Back when I was married (which is getting to be a long time ago now, to the point that it sounds weird to me), it was fun and easy to think all the dudes I knew and met were totally handsome and innocently crushable. Now, not so much. Kinda the moment you aren’t devoted to and in love with someone else anymore, a formerly adorb guy world becomes a wasteland of loseratti numbskulls, guys who are jerks to their girlfriends, and jaded yuckster bachelors. Guys are scary and stupid to me right now, and look like walking testaments to why it’s good to avoid anything that might lead to falling for a guy. Sorry, I’ll lie later and say of course I don’t mean you, but I probably do.


But ya know, I might be coming around! Because I think I have a teeny tiny total crush on Jason Kehl.


And even though he has a partner-girlfriend-commitment-thing going on, and I heard a rumor that he might be a eunuch, and he’s into that creepy baby heads and skulls and devil worship thing, I kinda think he’s into me too. He’s always “likeing” my facebook stuff in this cute way. And ya know, as Consuela Bonita pointed out, he doesn’t do that for everybody. Plus, he’s way handsom without that high concept skullet hairdo nonsense. And … no actually that’s it. Goin with it.


Here’s a picture of me and Jason Kehl in a relaxed, low intensity atmosphere.

what man could resist my artful seduction style?


Because it’s fun to crush on possible eunuchs with girlfriends, and it can be a total step toward recovering my fearless affection for guy world. And maybe if you’re a possible eunuch with a girlfriend, it’s fun to crush on girls from Texas! In whatever way that works I don’t know I’m not a theologian.


But look out, I am comin’ BACK!


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