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Whackamaze May 13, 2011

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Wow, what a whack week! A few difficult things, and some really amazing things, happened. Here are some:



I passed my Pilates Certification exam! Lots of ideas and early-stage dreams around what to do with it. For now, training and substitute teaching.


My 1-month old Subaru that I sunk all my independent lady money into and traded the Trooper for, died, most likely after a jiffylube guy accidentally drained the transmission fluid instead of the oil. Apparently on this particular car it’s a very very easy mistake. Either way, my front differential fell apart two days later, and the part costs just a little more than I paid for the car. What a total bummer.


This cool mechanic from my neighborhood might buy it and fix it and sell it. It would be nice to pass it on to someone in the ’21.


I got to go to the lake with Louis in his new boat on mother’s day, and we both climbed the Kwai, which I’d been working hard on last time I went.


I told my free-to-spray friend about it and he kinda dissed on Kwai, and said everyone does that climb.  I know I’m way sensitive when it comes to the loop and the lake. Still, that’s not the agreement. You can’t downgrade or wave off a send your spray-friend is psyched about. Just you and me now, blog. So hey I did the Kwai. Amazing.


Nate told Serena that I “hate” her, which Serena told Blair who of course told me. Awesome. What class. Can you imagine? I guess Nate said stuff like that to me before, that so-n-so was not so liking me, but it was absurd and clearly a personal insecurity thing.  I tried to clear things up with Serena, who I’m not close to but don’t feel hostile toward. But what can you do? I swear, things are going to be TOTALLY different when I’m in college. I’m also pretty sure Nate is secretly the vampire manager of jiffy lube.


I had my first Art of Feminine Presence class with, randomly but so sweetly serendipitously, John Garcia’s gf Lauren Sheehan.  I’ve been curious about her work ever since I peeped her on facebook, and I’m so thrilled to be taking part. It’s almost impossible to explain what the class is about, but it’s geared toward women who’ve been involved in mind-body, self-help, that section of the bookstore kinda work for a long time, and are reconnecting with their most powerful and feminine attributes and the core essential woman inside. Hard to explain. Learning a lot, having fun.

Whack & Amazing

I did a very small version of Brian Anathesdk@fh&ian’s v13 workout (page 12 I think). On Monday. It’s Friday. My triceps still hurt so much it’s hard to get comfortable even for sleeping.


I went on a date with a leprauchaun and he showed me where the gold is, and although I’m not feelin him per se, I got a new car. Calling it El Rav. It’s a rav4, blue and sparkly and the fanciest thing I’ve ever owned other than my wedding outfit, including houses. Pics to come. Arms too tired to raise camera. Damn ye, ba.


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