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testing testing May 6, 2011

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My big Pilates exam is tomorrow – 6 hours of exercising, teaching, filling in bubbles, then exercising again and I get graded on all of it. I am not a good long-run preparer. I do much better in fits and starts, and that’s how I’ve prepared for this one. I know the moves, I know how to teach them, I mostly know probably almost part of half the anatomy, and I better have an “on” day at the barn tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who came out for practice teaching! I got to train guys, girls, a range of ages, people who are crazy fit, and folks who aren’t so obsessive. I even got to train my dad at a Houston studio, which was so much fun! He had lots of good advice and I’ve never shown him what I’m learning in that way before.

Ok gotta get to bed! Going to post up for an hour in the morning at the new, ever roving Cafe Mundi trailer, recently roved very close by, and try to remember what abduction is.


One Response to “testing testing”

  1. Bev Says:

    Abduction is movement away from the midline of the body. For some reason, I always imagined aliens “abducting” my limbs up and away. That’s the only way I remembered! Weird. Hope you passed with flying colors!

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