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Dresses May 3, 2011

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I’ve been going to weddings all season, and more to come yay! I am surrounded, on all sides, by people who are in love and growing their families. It’s great. Here is what I’ve been wearing and doing with my hair. I know, you’ve been waiting for me to get to this.

Katie and Ian

My sister Katie picked out these silk red dresses for her bridesmaids. Mine was a low halter and full skirt, and I loved it! That’s Maggie behind me in her pink Maid-o-Honor dress, and Charlie the flower girl at the end.

It has pockets!

For my hair, I showed the hairdresser this picture of Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line.

she nailed it, I think

For Katie’s rehersal dinner, I wore this black and white bias-cut number with a sort of abstract lizard pattern. I got it in Cape Cod with Lily in probably 2006.

I think my stance is kind of odd here, and I'm not loving how the dress hangs. But it feels good. The bias-cut fabric hugs me, and I feel more curvacious than usual in it.

Here’s my hair knot from the rehearsal dinner, and these little blue earings.

And here’s the black dress and boots combo I wore for the pre-wedding barn party.

Maggie and I sang "Goin to the Chapel"

So that’s the royal Raber wedding.

Rachel and Phil

Rachel and Phil’s wedding was a social climbers event, and full of fun people and memories. I’ve known Rachel a long time and seeing she and Phil meet and fall into each other has been glorious. I wore this cotton, also halter, puff dress from Anthropologie circa 2008.  The same week I bought it I saw an unattractive blond walking down the drag in it with a backpack and sneakers. I cringed to look at it in my closet after that, but I guess enough time has passed by now, because it FINALLY felt right.

Stripes collide! I love my loooong ponytail and big hoop earrings, but this image makes me wish I'd worn heels. by BevDemShu

Here's the color scheme, with my dance partner Liam Oliver, hanging on for his life.

This was an adorable event full of people I’ve known since I first started climbing in 2006. We’ve grown up so much since we were 25-ish, and there were SO many babies.

There have been a few more events, but I don’t have pics yet, and this post has been too long already. Yay, dresses! Ya know, I wish it was socially acceptable to have a dress library, where you could go get a dress, wear it, maybe buy it if you were obsessed or just bring it back after your event. Because I can’t wear any of these dresses to events with the same people again. But I bought them all pretty pricily, and would be hesitant to just get rid of them for good. I want, omg, I GOT it. I want a friend-dress library, among a small, controlled group. A dress co-op. You own all the dresses, WE own all the dresses. Gonna work on this….


7 Responses to “Dresses”

  1. What a lovely post. Thank you so much for sharing. Family and friends are just a great part of life. I couldn’t imagine life without them.

    Check out these Fun Family Activities

  2. Lily Says:

    I LOVE the picture of you dancing with the baby! And I read about some kind of clothes rental service in a magazine…Perhaps I tore the story out. If I come across it, I’ll pass it on to you. Some googling would probably dig it up.

  3. Heather Says:

    I’m in for the clothes co-op! We’re more or less the same size, right?

  4. Bev Says:

    I’m in for the dress library. Hope you like mini dresses because all of mine are short. ha ha

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