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immortall the way April 28, 2011

Filed under: Picture Taking — sendann @ 3:02 am

So about a month back I got Erik to take some sexy pictures of me at Rebecca’s house. I had a lot of reasons for wanting to have them taken, but mainly I was thinking, ya know my body is amazing right now, and I’m feeling really good in it, and I wish I had someone to share this moment of sexiness with, but no worthy candidates have wandered by. Hahha, that sentence is giving me a hilarious image of exposing myself to strangers on the street. So I started thinking I’d get some pictures done, to memorialize my body and what I considered my personal sexiness style at age 31. And maybe I’ll show a special man when we’re really old. Anyway, Erik proved an excellent choice for the job, kept me feeling comfortable and adorable with reeeally nice ideas for poses and arrangements. I love the results. When I look at them, I feel so gorgeous. I can’t really show them – show them to you, but here are some peeks…

And lady friends, I highly recommend getting this done, it feels so incredible. Erik was excellent for me, but ya know, go with someone you can be comfortable with.


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