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vocalage April 19, 2011

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A few weeks ago I lost my voice like I never have before. Like, open my mouth to put forth words and — gahhsweeeh, nothing. I blame a combination of oak trees, constant gymnastic teaching, and a looong Pilates teacher training weekend where I intoned and lilted and projected constantly for four days.

Eventually I found a raspy super-whisper I could use for basic communication, and I’m still not fully recovered. It’s been interesting to have a totally different sound coming out of my mouth all the sudden. I started hearing everything as if I were listening to someone else. Luckily I liked the person I heard, for the most part ;=). It forced me to choose my words with freakish care, and I like to think I learned something about doing more with less, verbiage-wise.

Now I can talk with almost my full range, but it’s uncomfortable to project, and I spend all day sounding like I just got out of bed. Merrick said my new voice changed my personality, and made me seem (or be?) more sensitive and gentle. Then Gus pointed out that every time I spoke I sounded like I was on the brink of tears, which made him laugh. But both remarks hit home. Because come to mention it, between constant Pilates training sinking into my muscles changing the way I move, and this feminine meditation and spirituality course I’ve been working with changing my personal growth goals, I feel a bit different too.

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