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but we’re all gonna die anyway April 13, 2011

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Kinda thinking the lake isn’t going to go for me this abbreviated summer season. I just can’t seem to land a ride. There is no classy way around asking someone if you can go out with them, at least not one that I’m smooth enough to pull off, and I haven’t gotten a shut down yet that didn’t lead to me feeling like a looozr.

I wonder if there is something wrong with me. Not wrong like I’m not a reasonable person or I should change my ways to be more appealing or something. But wrong like, maybe I’m just not someone you’d want to tool around on the lake with. Lifestyle-wise or perhaps something inherent in my personality. Totally possible, I am not everyone’s cup-o-tea and I’m content with that. Maybe I’m just not that in with those folks like I thought I was. Like on land we’re good because there is infinite space, but when it comes to picking your crew I don’t so much pull rank. That is kind of depressing.

I guess this is a situation that comes up anytime there’s a secret or private or obscure crag. A few folks have the key, and their immediate friends are in it too, and yeah. Then there’s, uh, you. I hate to sound so down on myself and pity-party over it, but whatever. It feels terrible and you came here to hear about my feelings so there ’tis. So after a month of no go’s, I’m thinking it’s not worth the sting. I’d be better off to just accept it and stay dry, rather than try and get so low when it doesn’t happen.

It does get me looking forward to a summer trip, though! I’ll be in places where climbing is legal and it’s all new enough to me so that the cutting edge doesn’t hold much appeal.

Yesterday I swam at the lake and land-bouldered at the el Duende, a spooky, dusty cave that’s exposed and fun when the lake is low but entirely submerged in higher water. Oh, this is my new bathing suit:

it looks lovely on me also

I did two easier problems that had been impossible last time I went there (in 2008), and that gave me a nice feeling. I’ve definitely practiced climbing a lot since then and it was really cool to see so much contrast two years later. The titular line, however, is stiff cruxin roof of impossible. I made maybe an inch of progress on the first (real) move. Here’s a very silly video from Duende ’08, staring me as “the girl who can’t do warm up 2.” But I got on same that problem last night, and it is SO EASY.


2 Responses to “but we’re all gonna die anyway”

  1. dara susini Says:

    next time we rent a boat and jet skis, your azz is cummin! i actually enjoy your lake “self” and your land-lubbin “self, and both are welcome!

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