All paths lead nowhere, choose with heart

the climbing lifestyle is a gamble April 7, 2011

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I will see your freedom of the road AND your sacred communion with nature and RAISE YOU one daily garage proj videochat sesh


But did you see what I did just there? I made the old sendaustin url redirect HERE. If you just got here that way, sorry for the surprise. Also, I am fully clothed in that picture, you just can’t tell because on account of how I’m situated.

Why did you make sendaustin private so that everyone else who’s cooler than me can see it but I can’t?

I swear I didn’t do that, I just quit it altogether. I couldn’t figure out how to disappear a blog without deleting it, so I made it “private.” I just didn’t want to do that blog anymore. I wanted to do this one! This one is an actual real person keeping a log of interesting things and thoughts and longboarding videos. So the exaggerations or lies you see here are actual self -delusion, not comedic effect. Isn’t that sad?


Welcome! Also please visit my blog sponsors! ——>


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