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plunger! April 7, 2011

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One of my little goals this year has been to jump into cold water at every opportunity (that arises, I’m not out hunting for it). I did it in France, and in Galveston the other day, although it was not “cold” particularly. I couldn’t make myself get into the pool at Wallace and Craig’s in El Paso, and I haven’t rallied for early morning free springs time yet. You have to go between 5 and 8am. It’s been cool in the mornings, and warm in my bed, but I keep setting the alarm.

On New Years Day I joined Adam (Lily’s husband) on his 2nd annual NYD Pacific swim. Here are some shots Lily took of the ritual:

Somewhere between Santa Monica and Malibu

cold shock for the new year!

I don't know what to say about my hair or arms in this picture, but I can't leave it out it's too awesome!

and, done

what a fun new years morning with my bi-coastal bff family!


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