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the future is on the interweb/the lake is within us (?) April 3, 2011

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hello, lover

Already into the boat ride hustle and yay! I’m hoping to get out on the murderboat in the next week or two, and climb in the higher-than-before-but-not-upsetting woot roof. I’m nervous that it’ll be too high and I won’t let myself get good heel hooks. I’ve been out at the other side of the lake all weekend in Pilates Teacher Training, and I keep staring out the windows at it. I love that godforsaken body of mankwater. I want to be on it so bad. If I were more Ron Kauk like, I would be able to express without irony that Lake Travis is my teacher, constantly changing yet the same, challenging us and demanding respect for the water is a force like no other and so on whatever something something. But I am not and will not.

But here’s the future:

So if I leave in June, it’ll be just as things are getting high and cow-covey, which I can feel ok about missing out on. And as long as I find stoked boaters willing to haul me, there’s plenty of time to get water logged and make moves. Moves. In the roof. In my new bathing suit, which is green and glorious and hopefully in a photo on the future-web!

upper image from cobalt boats, who rave about Lake Travis at the link

also, here’s my Lake Travis water levels RSS feed


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