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teeming April 29, 2011

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So just when i was feeling like SUCH a b-teamer in local climbingland, POOF! Allen made a blog! It’s funny and awesome in the way I hope that SendAustin was funny and awesome. But his is very ‘boy.” I’m glad there’s a site like this around, but I’m more glad I’m not the one behind it.

We aren’t “pros”, we are better than the pros. We’re the mfkn BTEAM. We don’t do this because we want to, we do this because we can.


party time

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Might have spoken too soon about climbing = over. We got a very quick low-80s snap, and Merrick and I grabbed one, maybe 2, last moments on our late-spring project at Reimers, Bloc Party. Today I felt amazing on it. it’s a weird, chossy at the bottom, glorious traverse of jugs, tweaker headwall situation. But the last 3 days we got out to it, Merrick and I have both been pumping out at a low crux, not making it to the end of the traverse. The classic screw up is to get to the headwall and fall a move or two into it for the pump.

Today, I finally got to there! Twice! It was so simple! Whorray for traditional flailure!

Here’s Zoolander John Garcia doing Bloc Party years ago, falling just about where I did. He rests and is precise and blah blah blah. I don’t look like this on it, but whatever. I FELL AT THE REAL CRUX!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We’re going back tomorrow morning to catch the end of this bliss, and THEN climbing in Austin in pretty much done for me I promise.


unicorn car! April 28, 2011

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My gymnasts get stamps after class, and sometimes I can't resist!


immortall the way

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So about a month back I got Erik to take some sexy pictures of me at Rebecca’s house. I had a lot of reasons for wanting to have them taken, but mainly I was thinking, ya know my body is amazing right now, and I’m feeling really good in it, and I wish I had someone to share this moment of sexiness with, but no worthy candidates have wandered by. Hahha, that sentence is giving me a hilarious image of exposing myself to strangers on the street. So I started thinking I’d get some pictures done, to memorialize my body and what I considered my personal sexiness style at age 31. And maybe I’ll show a special man when we’re really old. Anyway, Erik proved an excellent choice for the job, kept me feeling comfortable and adorable with reeeally nice ideas for poses and arrangements. I love the results. When I look at them, I feel so gorgeous. I can’t really show them – show them to you, but here are some peeks…

And lady friends, I highly recommend getting this done, it feels so incredible. Erik was excellent for me, but ya know, go with someone you can be comfortable with.


all back up in training April 27, 2011

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It’s almost exactly a month before my summer trip takes off, I’ve done a few projects in town, and I already explained about the lake. So climbing is over, and here’s my plan: Try hard not to get any climby-tweaks, and do minimal-impact workouts every day, some days a lot some days a little. The idea is, one, not to get bored, and two, to get used to being super active and strong for many hours in a row.


So it pretty much started yesterday. Sometimes I think I’d like to motivate to do something, but it seems really far off. Then I shut off part of my mind, think about something else, and poof, I’m where I thought I wouldn’t motivate to be. Yesterday I swam seriously for the first time this year at Deep Eddy. I can’t remember what I was working up to last year, but I started with what I thought was pretty chill, 2 sets of 5 ‘down-n-backs’ with a 10 minute rest in between. I did mostly crawl, with a little breaststroke in there, although the frog kick aggravates this little heel-hook tweak I have going on in my knee, so I’m doing it with butterfly stroke style legs, which makes it the slowest stroke possible, very heavy on the arms.


So I’ll plan to swim 3 times a week, and keep note of my lappage here and see if I improve! It was so good to be back in the water, doing my little psychiatric endurance training thing. Sadly, my free neighborhood pool Givens Park isn’t open until June 8th. Deep Eddy costs a few bucks, but I have a good few weeks left on my pass.


The other parts of my super training month will be, for the next two weeks at least, massive Pilates to prepare for my exam, P90x ab ripper, circuit at the gymnastics gym before my classes, and a light free weights and theraband routine I’m working on. Also, this elaborate, ‘harnessing the feminine’ prayer, meditation and movement thing I’m sort of doing/sort of inventing from multiple sources.



Some of my other goals for the month are:

Stop using the word “Really”

Somehow fit all my favorite house-y things that I cannot get rid of into my parents house for safe-keeping

Crush my Pilates certification exam

Research and draw a plan for a 3-day (peyote-free) vision quest with a slant toward enhancing my feminine spirit

Stop participating in the hurtful, demeaning act that is gossip, or making myself a party to it by sharing personal information with folks who do

At least two more days in the ocean

More on these to follow. Thanks!



April 21, 2011

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Either Fresh Air with Terry Gross has been particularly amazing all month, or I’m in one of my “easily taken by a performance” phases. Either is possible, but every episode has rocked me lately. Last Thursday Michelle Williams was the guest. She said this interesting thing about working as an actor that made me think, naturally, of myself and of climbing, even though I haven’t been climbing as long as she’s been acting, or as long as a lot of my friends have been climbing (or acting or working) still.

Work is something that I’ve always done. It’s been something very consistent in my life since I was in my early teens, and it’s carried me through so many situations where I think I might have gotten stuck, either because it would geographically transport me or it would give me a purpose or it would give me something to cling to, think about, enjoy, get better at.

She goes on to point out that she kept working through a very hard time and eventually realized she needed a year off.


vocalage April 19, 2011

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A few weeks ago I lost my voice like I never have before. Like, open my mouth to put forth words and — gahhsweeeh, nothing. I blame a combination of oak trees, constant gymnastic teaching, and a looong Pilates teacher training weekend where I intoned and lilted and projected constantly for four days.

Eventually I found a raspy super-whisper I could use for basic communication, and I’m still not fully recovered. It’s been interesting to have a totally different sound coming out of my mouth all the sudden. I started hearing everything as if I were listening to someone else. Luckily I liked the person I heard, for the most part ;=). It forced me to choose my words with freakish care, and I like to think I learned something about doing more with less, verbiage-wise.

Now I can talk with almost my full range, but it’s uncomfortable to project, and I spend all day sounding like I just got out of bed. Merrick said my new voice changed my personality, and made me seem (or be?) more sensitive and gentle. Then Gus pointed out that every time I spoke I sounded like I was on the brink of tears, which made him laugh. But both remarks hit home. Because come to mention it, between constant Pilates training sinking into my muscles changing the way I move, and this feminine meditation and spirituality course I’ve been working with changing my personal growth goals, I feel a bit different too.

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