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west side problems, shorter than before March 25, 2011

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I’ve been looking for a car in earnest for over a month now, and I can’t find anything. I’ve opened by mind and bank account and I think I have reasonable goals — air conditioning, Subaru,Honda, or Toyota, wagon, suv or minivan, 150k or less. I’ve been to see a few, talked to some folks, it has not come together yet. I think a part of me doesn’t want to get rid of the Trooper. With the nice cloudy and kinda cool snap, I think I might stop looking for now.

So this is a good time to explain my possible summer plan, because it relates to the car question. I’m committed to gymnastics through the first week of June, then I’m gonna pack it in in Austin, again, and spend a month in Flagstaff. It’s going to be so much fun. So much bouldering. Then, Lotti invited me to do a bouldering, sports action, AND learn more trad circuit for the rest of the season up in Squamish. So that seems quite possible. In between, I want to spend a few weeks in Encinitas/San Diego, to longboard more more more and check out Black Mountain. So, how bad am I going to want an air conditioner on that trip? I really don’t know. Is the answer obvious and I’m just missing it or being naive or something?

Ok, the other thing is I got a tax refund (whoopy!) and I want to get my own longboard. I got to demo a few in Galveston this weekend, and had a blast. I rode a nice local shapers’ model, and found the waves were super fun and mellow, if a little disorganized the first day. I was worried I wouldn’t even be able to catch anything or stand up at all on a shorter (8 foot!) board, but I actually got a couple nice rides! The drop in is not scary at all there, and I got up and cruised around pretty easily. So psyched for more.

I was at soundwaves picking through their kind of enormous selection and….

The freaking Kassia roxy board I rode and loved in Hanalei. Dammit. Although my accountant is awesome, he didn’t win me enough to cover such unexpected luxury opportunity girl boardism.

Ug. Not sure you can read that, but it’s $freakingpricey. Ugh. Ok, to buy this board online from Surftech is $unreasonable, so I’m almost relieved. I had a long talk with mr soundwaves, about how much I liked it and if there was a cheaper, similarly sized board around. He showed me a few other “girls” boards, but they were as fat as all the others and heavy, just painted pink. I want the Kassia board.

So I headed south to demo the local board and at least get in the water, and on my way swung by another of soundwaves’ 3 locations. They had the Kassia too, for way cheaper! But still a bit out of my reach. They have this special deal where if you go on a Saturday morning you get a big discount. I might be able to swing it. But on the other hand, and same as with the trooper, now that I have the money and opportunity to get something I’ve been wanting for a long time, I’m wondering if this is the right time to bother. I can keep demoing and renting for the year, and keep an eye out for Kassia on ebay or something, or look for something else in California, AND not have to worry about shlepping it around this summer. Even though I kind of totally want to.

So yeah, wah wah wah I can’t find the exact toys I want and even if I can find them I can’t decide if I really want them anyway. So sad.


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