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stirring it up March 1, 2011

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Speaking of facebook, I played this funny game with someone where you unfriend people who say things you don’t like. Like facebook roulette. Go to the newsfeed, first thing you see that you don’t like, unfriend the person. I did it a few times, and it’s fun for a second, but then you have to see their stupid comments all over your mutual friends’ stuff anyway, and endure the awkwardness of seeing them IRL, so it was kinda pointless. All the same, I recommend it if you’re feeling bold. Also, what have we come to that ending a weak, one-click affiliation with someone on a website qualifies as “boldness” and makes psychosocial waves?

Waves, of course, was my whole objective when I started this post. Ya know how you sometimes have facebook friends from, like, way WAY back in the day, and you weren’t especially that tight back then but on facebook you get into a pleasant mutual commenting sort of thing? I love that. I have a couple of those and one is with this dude Matt. My primary memory of Matt IRL is him sitting on the floor at my parents house in 9th or 10th grade playing Connect 4 with Maggie, who was 7, stoned. It made me laugh at the time. Here’s Matt with his mounted hd camera at Matagorda.

Pretty awesome right? The wave, the video and the vantage. Makes me want to get out in the water so bad!! I’ve been watching the swell reports for Galveston and Surfside, where I’ve ridden a couple of times before. My goal for the rest of my Texas time is to paddle out once a month. I’ve half-convinced another facebook friend from Houston to go out with me. Because I’m way too intimidated to ask Matt, or to go to Matagorda.


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