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the good blues February 21, 2011

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I have a lot to discuss, like how I pretty much took down my other blog and why I did that, and how much fun my quick trip to NYC was this weekend, and this awesome pile of books I read, and these late night radio shows I’ve been catching. I also want to show you some videos of the gymnastics training center where I teach. I have a lot of ambitions, but for now here’s me eating delicious blueberries on Walker’s blog. I’m gonna start telling my little gymnasts, when they ask me why my veins are so blue (which they do all the time), that it’s from eating so many blueberries. Then they will stop eating blueberries, and the Austin-metro area supply will tip in my favor.

click through for the kearney journey blog. OH! that reminds me! Heading back to Hueco in March for a few week-ish-long trips. Gonna see Prairie and stay at the MastOdon, which wallace has informed me I have been mispelling for over a year.


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