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127 seconds February 27, 2011

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Last week coco hung draws on a random Reimers 12a for me. I know it’s so noob nerdy but I still feel like a total baller when I do a new 12. I have this fear that on any given day I’m gonna lose my ability to rock climb so there’s really never any time to waste, and I didn’t want to futz with draws. Hang the long ones, coco! And yay! I did it first go, then coco followed it up to clean (servicy!). So I’m lowering him, and we’re yammering on about nothing, and a huge hunk of my hair gets caught in the ATC. Everytime I moved it gets pulled in further, following the rope through the metal, then curling around¬† and up the other side oh my god oh my god oh my god coco my hair is stuck in the ATC shit it just went in further oh no.

He was still pretty high up,¬† dangling in empty space, no easy trees to reach or anything. I felt him swing the rope a bit but nothing. There was no one at Reimers. We’d seen a hiker down by the river earlier, but the place was dead (on a cloudy 67 degree afternoon because people in Austin have no idea). I looked at our stuff, out of immediate reach but, eh, maybe.

“Do you have a knife?” I asked.

“Uhh, I do, but it’s in my bag, way over by the other wall.”

We stood/hung there saying “Ummm” and kinda laughing. The day had started with Vinny’s dog….well nevermind that’s another epic. Ummm. I grabbed my hair and tugged it just to see how it might feel to, ya know, lose it by force. It was a lot of hair. I broke a few strands. It was a lot of hair.

I looked at the dogs, and pondered how they might help. Nothing came to me. The ATC was getting closer to my scalp.

I pinched the lock off at my head, then coco grabbed the rope and did a weird rope pull up, and I got it out. I lost some length, but no blood. So Aaron Ralston right now. OMG, he has my same initials!! It was MEANT TO BE.



I hate my interweb self sometimes February 23, 2011

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Ugh, there is this light, out of control, falling down a tunnel kind of feeling that I get in my chest right before I do something stupid on the internet. Very occasionally I can stop myself, but that’s rare. I read something, I react, I login, I start typing, I type faster, I delete a sentence, I move something and create a typo that I never see again in my fury and haste, and then I post. Then I spend the next day or night being embarrassed. The next-next day or night I either delete it, edit it, or see that the reaction was positive or nonexistent. Rinse, repeat. I never learn anything.

So that just happened. I should not even go places like DeadPointMagazine. I know there’s nothing there for me but hate fodder. Fortunately I find most of their stuff pretty mundane or incomprehensible, so I get out without leaving a trail of destruction. Not today though. I even got a login, that my closest friends would know me by.

The article I read was about how these 2 girls did these hard climbs and people on the internet said they were invalid. But the article was written as if the fact they were both women was, like, irrelevant. So, god love me, I logged in and wrote this:


I believe every word of this, so I don’t feel that bad, but I know it comes off like some man-hater rage-a-thon.

Oh well. Am I a total idiot? If you think I am, do not answer that. I should really probably get sendaustin back, as it was a more contained receptacle for this kind of thinking. But I got rid of it, because I sense a coming backlash against all things perceived as critical, dis-spirited, and anonymous. Even though SA is a practice in a comedic persona, it’s not worth the hateful email or attention.


the good blues February 21, 2011

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I have a lot to discuss, like how I pretty much took down my other blog and why I did that, and how much fun my quick trip to NYC was this weekend, and this awesome pile of books I read, and these late night radio shows I’ve been catching. I also want to show you some videos of the gymnastics training center where I teach. I have a lot of ambitions, but for now here’s me eating delicious blueberries on Walker’s blog. I’m gonna start telling my little gymnasts, when they ask me why my veins are so blue (which they do all the time), that it’s from eating so many blueberries. Then they will stop eating blueberries, and the Austin-metro area supply will tip in my favor.

click through for the kearney journey blog. OH! that reminds me! Heading back to Hueco in March for a few week-ish-long trips. Gonna see Prairie and stay at the MastOdon, which wallace has informed me I have been mispelling for over a year.


Rodayo! me say roo-oo-oodayo February 10, 2011

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My bff of climbing Emilia Rafaela Consuela Bonita Barrows-Brown has been working her face off all season in Hueco, in a basement, on a computer, putting together the Rock Rodeo. It’s almost here, and I’m so proud of her!

click through for their fancy website

BONUS, Possessed by Paul James is playing the party

I’m heading back out next week for a few days, one last trip for El Trooper before I start thinking seriously about cleaning it out and possibly maybe putting it on C’s list just to see what happens maybe possibly. Here’s a very silly video I made a few months back to help me remember which holds to use on my project. I sound and look like a total idiot, but it gets the job done. Kevin held the camera, and his young friend Liam sat around wondering what mental disorder I was acting out of in this particular moment.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

blast February 9, 2011

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The other day someone sent me this:

This is me when I was 21 or 22, and it’s my author photo from the first and only edition of a punk rock novel I wrote when I lived in Chicago. It’s not a period of life that I have any pictures from. The book came out and was awesome, although there ended up being a typographical error in the ‘about the author’ section, which still haunts me even though I didn’t write it or type it. Post-Traumatic Press (RIP) did a teeny tiny run of it in 2001 or 2. It sold out I think within a year or so, at least in part to people I am not related to, so that was kind of awesome. It still pops up used on Amazon sometimes, and that’s awesome too. I’m not too mad at myself for being 21 and putting something into print, but I don’t like to think too much about it.

And I’m thankful I didn’t grow up with a facebook.

And I’m never writing another novel.

And jeeze louise, my arms are SO skinny.


February 8, 2011

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seven thousand words for ‘oof’ February 6, 2011

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Ok a few more pictures from Kauai, then I’ll let it go for a while. It’s been nice to be home and get down to busy/i-ness, but I mainly wander around thinking about Hawaii.


paddling out in Hanalei bay, pic by mom

pretty blue roxy styled board

mom y papa!

so intense

marty on the shore (and wow)

in my natural state