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blimped out December 19, 2010

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Ugh, eckstein is like one long series of cruxes. I wasn’t able to send yesterday, and the start moves felt fumbly and difficult every time. Alas, I think that problem will need more than 3 sessions, which is totally fair, and fine because every move is so intense that it isn’t boring to stick with. I made a sending wish list for my short spring Hueco trips. I think this is all that was on it:

eckstein, ten-ten, dry dock, guillotine, after death, shroom, mopboyz, 100 proof roof/mex chic/fern roof (any or all,  I just want to do the shared top out)

And this is my wishlist of stuff I want to learn or try again:

martini left, wicacala cave, no quarter, whisperz o mortality, dean’s trip, theater o absurd, bloody flapper

That’s all. Oh! I finally got my picture taken by Sam Davis, whose blog I loved for a long time before I met him…


Look how long my hair is! I know it's kind of scraggly, but I LOVE it. I didn't send this problem. There was about a teaspoon of blood pooled in the next hold, however, and I think fear of hepatitis might have temporarily tamped my dynamic ability.


Nice, right? That’s Phil Schaal underneath. I just met him this month, too, and come to mention it he’s another person who’s blog I’ve enjoyed for a while prior to knowing him IRL. A few weeks ago I told Capt. Bastard that I didn’t like Phil. He was like, “Whaaaat? Whyyy?” Because I think he’s kind of in man-like with Phil. I can’t remember what I said I didn’t like in particular, but Capt was like, “Pssh. You just described yourself. In fact, I think you and Phil have a lot in common.” And ya know I guess he had a point. I decided to revise my thinking, and then decided that Phil is pretty baller.


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