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wristal unrest December 17, 2010

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Four days of no climbing and my wrist feels worse than ever, but the Trooper and the Mastadon are looking great. Of course I’m thinking about my wrist all the time and the constant observation might be warping my perspective. I also iced it aggressively yesterday, with colder, wetter ice than ever before, and that may have been a tactical error since it made my whole forearm sore for the rest of the day. Isn’t it weird how sometimes “whole” doesn’t look right, but “hole” is obviously much worse? I think so. I also spent all my rest time typing, playing guitar, and crocheting, all of which could tweak a wrist on their own. Darn. I should’ve just slacklined the whole time.

But ya know, I’ve had almost two years now of constant rock climbing without so much as a tweak, so I suppose I’m overdue for something like this. And I’ve had some intense mental and emotional injuries in that time, so maybe I can take this wrist thing as an indication that I’m getting stronger in those areas again, and can afford the kind of physical setback that might have been devastating back in the summer.

This injury also helps me hone my options for what to do in the spring, which is great, as I’ve been feeling passionately ambivalent about whether to return to Austin in February, or stay on the climbing road, or do something else. I miss home, and I have some good friends and work things to get back to there, but there are reasons I want to stay way the hay away also.

My plan, for now, is this: I’ll continue climbing, take aspirin and not worry too much about possibly breaking my wrist off. I’ll take a few more days in Hueco, then on to Box Canyon and Red Rocks with the Kearneys, a brief stop to explore SoCal with Ian and Brigit, then Bishop. After that I’ll leave my climbing shoes on the mainland and head to Hawaii where I’ll have only my Kindle, my parents, a big fat longboard and the consistent, gentle swell of Hanalei Bay (surfing kindergarten) to pass the time, although I hope to purchase a real ukulele and take a lesson or two. After that I imagine that I’ll head back to Austin and get back to work teaching gymnastics, start pilates teacher training part 2, ride my bike around the hood, go to my favorite yoga classes, meet JAO’s baby, cook lunches for Heather, do ab ripper X, and work my head off to pay down my ticket to Hawaii and the (what turned out to be needless) repairs I had done on the Trooper. Another two weeks off of climbing there, and that will be a solid month. Hopefully, assuming I’m healthy, I’ll get back into some glorious groove climbing at the cold lake, exploring the scrubby centex forest with the boys, doing old projects at Reimers, and take some looong weekends in Hueco.

When I have a plan like this, it doesn’t have to go precisely how I anticipate, but the detailed outline helps to set my compass in the right direction.

Onward, ho.


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