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I like this shirt December 29, 2010

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click it for the product page

It’s from Moon. For some reason it says “Was $25, now $24.95”, as if that’s some notable savings. Usually it has to be under $10 for me to fork over money online anyway. I’ll keep an eye on it, though. I’m also concerned about the material. If it’s that stripey stretchy thick stuff, I’m not psyched.

I also really love the Moon website’s training section. I’m brainstorming about training for the spring/summer. Pretty psyched to get back in GMFB’s garage, if it’s available which I’m hope hope hoping. Here’s TMFB and me training at their place a couple summers ago:


greg took this silly picture.

I can’t do the weight vest with HIT strips thing anymore, though. Last time I did that I came out of it tweaked beyond reasonable, and I  think it’s just too much on my relatively delicate fingers and elbows. My ultimate training fantasy is to (get someone to help me) build a Moon board, and do the full on Moon board thing, where you set it all up and use their holds to do their problems, which you can download every few months and set yourself according to this wacky grid/cardinal directions/coded holds system. Sounds so fun, right? I’m sure I’ll post more about my elaborate training rituals later on.


da bizzox December 27, 2010

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A week ago I left Hueco with my friend Prairie, her brother, and her boyfriend, for some company on the way to California and to check out New Mexico, where I’d never been before. After a night in Las Cruces with their dad and other sister Autumn, we went to Socorro to climb in Box Canyon and get a new starter for the Trooper, which is running better than ever now. W00t!!


pretty sky over Montana/180 when I left Hueco

Anyway, Box Canyon is full of sharp, kind of soapy stone with lots of tweaky pockets and hardness.  The shooting pains in my fingers and repeated failures reminded me of home, so that was nice. Kind of. We climbed with Scott Roberts, an adorable local contractor type who’s writing a guidebook for the area. There could not have been a better tour guide. I tried to get back into picture taking for a while, and Walker was there as well, so here’s what it looked like!

Prairie chauffuring while the trooper was getting re-startered


The stream bed area with a huge warm up wall. But watch out it bites! (Picture taken by Walker Kearney)

Walker in the Motherload


scott and his awesome jacket
on “left”, a hard classic line I couldn’t do, even with Prairies colorful spot :=/ Picture by Walker Kearney

Wow, I’m wearing that exact same tank top right now.


jefe in front of this funky boulder with 50 problems on it. so good. Picture by Walker Kearney

on this weird line called "jah something", like reggae. hard with a dyno. I banged myself really hard on the top out. Like, bad. Picture taken by Walker Kearney



David hurt his pinky-winky on the first line we tried, and pretty much took this stance the rest of the trip. Hoping he's in better spirits in Bishop next week! Picture by Walker Kearney

It was an awesome couple of days in Socorro and the Box. We got on a bunch of other area classics, all super hard and fun.  I can’t wait to see the book!


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Someone took this shot a few weeks ago and passed it on to me; this is a house I owned when I was 23, near downtown Houston. I had a pretty fancy job at the time and worked constantly, but it was nice to have such a great house to come home to.

I remember right after I got married I got in this fight with my husband and I came back to this house, where I still lived most of the time because I was working in H-town, and cried for a really long time because I knew I was giving up a place I loved and maybe it wasn’t the most prudent choice, but there was no real turning back at that point. I know it’s just a house and that’s kind of over-dramatic hindsight etc so on so forth. I still think about it all the time, though, and wish I’d been brave enough to rent it out instead of sell. I guess that’s silly though. I had plenty of time to think about it, and I knew what I was doing. Hopefully I’ll get to live in a place like it again someday.  It was white and blue when it was mine, but I love the khaki. And those are TOTALLY my curtains and blinds.


so ungracefull last spring December 22, 2010

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Back in the spring (April 2010?) I went to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch with Homoclimbtastic. Here’s a goofy video of me falling and working out the end of a really fun line called, I think, Orbital Mechanics. I can’t remember much about it, but it looks like it’s way easier if you wear a hoodie, and some different shoes. I also can’t remember the name of the fellow spotting me — just some nice stranger.

Video by the fabulous Shawn McAdams and his amazing flippy camera. Thanks Shawn!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Shawn took this nice picture of me on that trip too…


It was raining the weekend we were there, and there is goat sh*t EVERYWHERE at that place, but the rock was still super sticky and the  boulder problems were delicious.


blimped out December 19, 2010

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Ugh, eckstein is like one long series of cruxes. I wasn’t able to send yesterday, and the start moves felt fumbly and difficult every time. Alas, I think that problem will need more than 3 sessions, which is totally fair, and fine because every move is so intense that it isn’t boring to stick with. I made a sending wish list for my short spring Hueco trips. I think this is all that was on it:

eckstein, ten-ten, dry dock, guillotine, after death, shroom, mopboyz, 100 proof roof/mex chic/fern roof (any or all,  I just want to do the shared top out)

And this is my wishlist of stuff I want to learn or try again:

martini left, wicacala cave, no quarter, whisperz o mortality, dean’s trip, theater o absurd, bloody flapper

That’s all. Oh! I finally got my picture taken by Sam Davis, whose blog I loved for a long time before I met him…


Look how long my hair is! I know it's kind of scraggly, but I LOVE it. I didn't send this problem. There was about a teaspoon of blood pooled in the next hold, however, and I think fear of hepatitis might have temporarily tamped my dynamic ability.


Nice, right? That’s Phil Schaal underneath. I just met him this month, too, and come to mention it he’s another person who’s blog I’ve enjoyed for a while prior to knowing him IRL. A few weeks ago I told Capt. Bastard that I didn’t like Phil. He was like, “Whaaaat? Whyyy?” Because I think he’s kind of in man-like with Phil. I can’t remember what I said I didn’t like in particular, but Capt was like, “Pssh. You just described yourself. In fact, I think you and Phil have a lot in common.” And ya know I guess he had a point. I decided to revise my thinking, and then decided that Phil is pretty baller.


crochety December 17, 2010

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During my long rest I got stupid productive with my outlying passions, including my new/childhood hobby, crochet. Remember how I tried to make that hat and it turned out barely big enough for a large potato? Here’s my latest attempt:

This one came out a little big, but I think I'm really starting to get the hang of it! Behind me you see the curtains I made for the "kitchen" side of the Trooper. Man, it has been a long week.

Now I must go eat pizza and begin packing for my trip to Box Canyon and Red Rawks!


the gospel of merrickales

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Merrick’s pics from the boyz trip to Hueco last-last week…

giggling under eckstein

spanning the crux of eckstein!

this isn't me, but if I were a dude I hope I'd be as strong and handsome as allen looks in this image