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The Welter Weight October 18, 2010

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My grandma Lila lives in Houston at an old folks home. She is from Brooklyn and lived in New York City all her life until she moved closer to my parents. I was telling her about my trip and she asked me “do you find many of your people when you’re out climbing?”

I was like, “You mean jews? Not really, but there are a few.”

“No I mean other climbers, but there are jews? I wouldn’t have thought…” Then she told me about the Jew-scene at the home. (Note: She refers to other residents as “this one” or “that one”)

“There are about 15 of them, but some don’t talk about it and would never go to services. At services we get about 5, one of the ladies isn’t Jewish, she just likes all religion. Some of the others talk the whole time about how so and so who is Jewish doesn’t come to services. I don’t mind though, if they want to come, come, if they don’t don’t! Who cares? We have this one, a new fellow, who thinks of himself as some welter weight. I mean he’s small, but he walks around with his chest out, very proud of himself, he actually hit another one.”

“Wait, he hit a resident?”

“A woman, yes. They were waiting for medication and she dropped a magazine or something, I don’t know what happened, but he punched her in the forehead. She was just struck dumb. Didn’t know what to say”

“Uh, I don’t know what to say either. That is insane!”

“It is! One of the attendents saw it and talked to him. They said if he did it again he was out, which is a good thing I think.”

“Is he Jewish?”

“No, but he uses these Jewish expressions, and he just thinks he is so cute. So this other one, a woman from Staten Island, he’s always giving a hard time. Telling her, ‘oh you’re Jewish you just deny it.’ And she says ‘I am not Jewish. I only ever knew one Jewish family on Staten Island and that was the doctor and his family and they moved away in’ I don’t remember when she said but they had moved, you know, off the island.”

Lila also has a lot of prejudice against people from different New York City Burroughs. When this one from Staten Island first moved in she remarked that the woman was very well educated and knew all about Brooklyn and Manhattan. “Imagine that!” she said to my dad, “from Staten Island!”


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