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sad girl, like the disco song October 5, 2010

Filed under: Climbing,Trips — sendann @ 7:37 pm

I have some posts I wrote but can´t post yet because I got no computer. Will fix that and post untimely posts another day. For now, it´s my last night in Siurana, and I am so so sad. Not because of that especially, this place is glorious and I am super happy about my tear-free facey crimpy climbing!! Alas, the general vibes have been kind of heinous, and I miss the Christensen´s, who left a few days ago to go fly wingsuits in San Francisco. The more I got to know them, the more I liked them, and the more hardcore they revealed themselves to be. Most importantly, they have BOTH been kicked out of (separate) rock gyms before, which is super comforting to me, since I´m the only other person I know who´s permanently banned from a rock gym. Their stories about it were awesome, and similar to mine. Viva outspokenness.

I decided while I was in Mallorca that if I´m not comfortable, like if the conditions of the company or some imaginary nothing in my brain are giving me a bad feeling, I don´t have to climb anyway. I can just, like, pass. So I did a lot of passing today. But Siurana is amazing. Pictures and more to come on that front.

Ok that is all.


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