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Tazmania September 13, 2010

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It’s considered a worthwhile thing to learn about other cultures, right? So here goes:

When I hear “Tazmania” I think first of Transylvania, but the image that comes to mind is this:

Then I think no no no, Tanzania, and something like this pops into my head:

Then I realize, oh, Australian island state. Right. Sea stacks, etc.

Tazmanians are, like Australians, into hitch hiking, being miserly, and sleeping in the woods and calling it their “house.”

I’m riding to Spain with Dan the American and Grug from Tazmania, tomorrow. Grug  is nicknamed for some Tazmanian comic book character akin, on some level, to Jughead. Dan is a badass, like John Myrick kinda. Crushes hard lines with pure will.

In Tazmania, school children are taught tarp construction as part of the basic skills curriculum. When I expressed surprise and amusement about this, Grug said well, it rains quite a lot there. And what? I thought. You don’t have houses? I suppose I’ll find out more and report back later.

Grug with a two-tiered stick tool.


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