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Ceuxausted September 13, 2010

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God help me if I ever get out of a foreign country without buying a new pair of comfortable and slightly oversized orange Anasazi velcos. I always leave mine behind thinking NO, I am only travelling to perform, so I will only bring performance shoes. Then I over do it, my toes start to cry, and yeah. Ninety Euros from the French version of Academy, which of course stocks Anasazis in every size.

After 9 days in France and only 1 full day of rest, I couldn’t even do a warm up. My British friend Maddy keeps saying things like, “you look positively knackered” or “you seem simply exhausted” and  “wow! you look famished!” I took the hint, finally, and took two full days and three nights off. I shopped, ate, stretched and read Stieg Larsson.

The reason I’m so unrested is that I’m not tweaking at all. Three days on anywhere else and my elbows are on fire and my fingers are barely bending, so I have to stop. But here I don’t get any of those tell-tail signs. I just suddenly can’t climb very well. My skin even feels ok, just a bit thin and one pesky hole that keeps bleeding all over the holds.

I have decided to devote the next 2 to yoga, food, laundry, sleep, and reading Carlos Casteneda on my Kindle. I shopped today in Gap, got a nice cushy yoga/sleeping mat, those Anasazis, and an amazing bouldering skort that I will photograph and post shortly.


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